SE Relay’s/Magnecraft’s 861H Solid State Relay – An Industry First!

861H is the first complete solid state relay approved for use in hazardous locations. The 861H incorporates an integrated heat sink and sealing technology to achieve the Class 1, Division 2 rating from Underwriters Laboratories for approved use in Groups A, B, C and D hazardous locations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Features:
    • Class 1, Division 2 certification
    • Solid state circuitry
    • Optically coupled circuit
    • Internal snubber
    • Finger-safe terminals
  • Benefits:
    • Approves relay for use in hazardous locations
    • Involves no moving parts
    • Provides electrical isolation between input and output circuits
    • Protects relay’s output circuit from high voltage transients
    • Prevents operator from touching live circuits

Selling Opportunities:

The 861H SSR Series is ideal for applications that demand reliability such as burner assemblies, chemical injections systems, extraction and refining

machines, solenoid control, blower control, motorized duct and vent control, medical equipment and lighting. The 861H fills a critical void in the mining, oil and gas industries that require high reliable switching solutions. 


  • Oil and Gas: burner assemblies, chemical injection systems, extraction machines
  • Mining: blower control, motorized duct/vent control, drill control, explosive control
  • Food & Beverage: anti-condensation equipment, compressor control, cooking equip.
  • Medical Equipment: high reliability, lifts & escalators, low switching noise
  • Packaging Machinery: conveyor motors, heaters, product/shrink wrap, solenoid control


The closest competitor is Phoenix’s PLC series, which has a different form and does not go up to 15A.