TECHSPRAY'S PHASE OUT OF AK-225- Friday, October 31, 2014
Plan ahead for the AK-225 cleaning solvent phase out and start looking for a replacement solvent now! Techspray has made the transition seamless by offering this handy product list and recommended crosses. Download your copy here.  Please note that Techspray will no longer produce or sell the AK-225 after December 31, 2014.  
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RCD Components Inc., a leading manufacturer of passive components, offers ultra-precision thin-film resistors. RCD’s thin-film BLU-chip series resistors are available in a wide range of industry standard case sizes including 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 2010, and 2512, with minimum resistance values ranging from 4.7W to 4.7MW and tight tolerances to ±0.01%. The tightest TCR value for the BLU series devices are ±2 ppm/°C. Working voltages range from 15 V to 200 V, and maximum DC power ratings range from 50mW to 1W. RCD’s BLU series thin-film technology offers designers the lowest and most predictable absolute Temperature Coefficient Resistance available in thinfilms. The availability of tight absolute tolerance and TCR provides an excellent cost solution for most applications that previously required bulk metal foil types.

If you are buying CDE Dipped Mica Capacitors then you may be paying too much!- Thursday, October 16, 2014

SE Capacitor Dipped Mica Capacitors are designed to meet the exacting physical, electrical and environmental requirements of the MIL-C-5 and RS-153 specifications.

Why use Mica in your appplication?


It is well known that natural mica is extremely stable against heat. SE Capacitors are manufactured from selected Indian ruby muscovite mica having optimum electrical characteristics. Silvered mica is made by printing electrodes on mica film with special silver paste. The silvered films are stacked to the desired value interleaved with metal foils for contact. Then the terminals are clamped on to the element. (The terminals are copper clad steel wires finished with a solider coating for good solderability). 

The clamped unit is either dipped under vacuum in epoxy resin and coated with epoxy powder conformally or dipped in phenolic resin and vacuum impregnated with liquid epoxy resin. The envelope thus formed gives high moisture and heat resistance to the unit. This design ensures high reliability and stability.

Types of Dipped Mica Capacitors  


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We stock precision 1% tolerances

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