Hellermann Tyton Evo7 - TLC Technology- Wednesday, April 30, 2014

At the heart of the EVO 7 lies revolutionary, patent-pending Tension/Lock/Cut (TLC) technology that dramatically changes how cable ties are cut. The key is TLC’s ability to lock each tie in place at the desired tension prior to cutting. Because the tension is fixed at the trigger when squeezing begins, only a minimum of hand force and a shorter range of motion is required to cut through each tie. What’s more, there’s no jarring impact after the cut. Also, because each tie is cut at a consistent level of tension with less movement, there’s less wear on internal components, resulting in longer tool life.

With TLC Technology

  • No jarring impact
  • Clean, flush cut
  • Minimal hand force needed
  • No overstressing of cable tie


Want to select a specifi c level of tie tension for bundling? Simply rotate the tension knob to any of the easy-to-read, pre-set ension settings. Standard cable tie installation tools stretch the tie while cutting, causing the tie end to retract into the head, or leave a protruded edge. But with EVO 7, the tie is cut at precisely the tension you select for a clean, fl ush cut at the tie head – without overstressing the tie.


With TLC Technology, the patent-pending locking mechanism detects when the desired tension is met, and locks the tie in place prior to cutting. At that moment, all force applied to the trigger is directed to cutting the tie. That means the trigger only needs to be pulled far enough to cut the tie, reducing the range of motion and subsequent strain on the hand and arm.


Once the tie is locked in place, the tool operator needs only to advance the trigger enough to cut the tie. Since there is no dynamic tension (stretching) on the cable tie, all energy is focused on driving the blade through the tie, resulting in a clear, fl ush cut, time after time –  all with no jarring motion to the hand or arm.

Hellermann Tyton EVO7

Heyco - SunClamp Stainless Steel Cable Clamps- Wednesday, April 30, 2014
  • For clamping cable or tubing securely into place, especially in harsh environments.
  • Smooth "coined" clamp edges prevent damage to cable insulation.
  • Constructed from corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel.
  • Insulated parts are constructed from 304 stainless steel and coated with polyolefin, a thermoplastic co-polymer that provides a durable non-toxic, odorless coating that has very good low temperature flexibility and excellent electrical properties. This coating also has FDA food contact approval.
  • Not for use in a marine salt water environment. Heyco SunClamp Stainless Steel Cable Clamp
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Belden - Cat 7 Railway Approved Ethernet Data Cable- Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Belden’s new railway approved high temperature Cat 7 Ethernet data cable extends the RailTuff range of reliable data communication products for the transportation sector.  The new RailTuff BE43802, a Cat 7 Ethernet data cable designed specifically for the passenger railway market, integrates network communications, passenger safety and operational efficiency signal transmissions.

Train builders and designers are now specifying data networks that can support increased bandwidth and data transfer rates in order to future-proof passenger and operator service systems. The new cable is designed for the transmission of data and signals using Ethernet technology, for on-board applications; effectively future proofing the on board Ethernet backbone and enabling compliance with the new series of IEC standards; IEC EN 61375 “Train Communication Network (TCN)” and IEC EN 62580 “On-board Multimedia and Telematic Subsystems for Railways”.

Key areas of application include:

  • Train Consist Network (TCN)
  • Passenger information and entertainment
  • Multimedia Services
  • Security and surveillance
  • Train diagnostics
  • Fare collection and ticketing
  • Communications Based Train Control (CBTC)

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Capacitor Industries - Applications - Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Capacitors manufactured by Capacitors Industries include brands such as; Motor Capacitors, Inc., Chicago Condenser Corporation, and SEI Capacitors, Inc.  These capacitors are used in a wide variety of applications.

  • Appliances
  • Strobe Lighting
  • Tanning Beds
  • Power Supplies   
  • Broadcasting
  • Water Pumps 
  • Exercise Equipment 
  • Scientific Apparatus 
  • Power Conditioning  
  • Research

Within these Industries and Products, our capacitors are used as:

  • Motor Run 
  • Noise Suppression  
  • Energy Storage 
  • Coupling
  • Timing 
  • Motor Start
  • Filtering
  • Pulse Discharge
  • Bypass
  • Voltage Multiplier 
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Magnecraft Ice Cube Power Relays Competitive Comparison- Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Differentiated Features & Benefits:

  • Gold Flashed Contacts - Prevents premature oxidation and increases shelf-life.
  • Contact Rating - Higher contact rating expands range of potential applications.
  • Lock-Down Door - Allows operator to manually override the system.
  • Flag Indicator - Verifies mechanical operation is following control inputs.
  • UL Listed - Eliminates the need for customers to self-certifytheir electrical system.
  • Relay Adapters - Reduces cost by eliminating the need for a socket and/or a DIN rail.
  • Complete System Solution - Accessories include Socket Modules, Hold-down Clips, & Relay Adapters.

Magnecraft Ice Cube Power Relays Competitive Comparison

New Products from Switchcraft - AudioStix - Tuesday, April 29, 2014

R&J Components a franchised distributor since 1948 is proud to announce, Switchcraft AudioStix a new addition to the Switchcraft premium pro audio products.  Let R&J Components fulfill all your  SwitchCraft REQ’s.  R&J Components  buys  direct from SwitchCraft, through the Genie Group, we stock thousands of SwitchCraft parts ready to ship today. The #318 mini AudioStix lets you connect audio output from your laptop, or MP3 player to a PA system.  The 318 from SwitchCraft has a 1/8”stero mini on one side and a mono XLR on the other, and is transformer isolated. The #318 from SwitchCraft can be used as a stand-alone adapter.  It can also be rear mounted into a  modular QGPK series rack panels or permanently installed in various custom racks and wall plates.  The AudioStix is made in the U.S.A.

Switchcraft AudioStix

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MINIBOX style capacitors- Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MINIBOX style capacitors are an excellent choice for general purpose applications such as bypass,decoupling,smooth & some timing,energy storage/discharge & arc suppresion applications.

Specialized MINIBOX capacitors are designed for Radio Interference Suppression (Class X2, Class Y) & also for high current applications.

Designed for PC Board insertion, they offer volumetric efficiency in rectangular space saving body types with PCM ranging from 5.00 mm to 30 mm.

MINIBOX capacitors often replace dipped Radial Film capacitors in PC board applications.

MINIBOX capacitors are offered in bulk packaging as well as tape & reel for automatic insertion machinery.

R&J Components is a Franchised/Authorized stocking distributor of MINIBOX type capacitors.
We stock & sell product by such great MINIBOX Capacitor Mfgr's as: ILLINOIS CAPACITOR & MERITEK.

Our technical ability is second to none, We offer expert cross referencing & samples are never an issue at R&J Components!

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Inductors- Monday, April 28, 2014


Inductors, along with capacitors and resistors are the passive elements that make up electric circuits. Inductors are often used in alternating current applications. They are used to block the flow of alternating current (AC) while allowing direct current (DC) to pass. Inductors designed for this purpose are called chokes. Inductors are also used in combination with capacitors to make timing circuits.

An inductor consists of a coil of conducting material wrapped around a core of material designed to create a magnetic field. Inductors are characterized by their inductance, which is the ratio of the voltage to the rate of the change in the current. The unit of measurement used for inductors is called a Henry. The type of material used to resistor the current will affect the level of performance for the inductor. Many inductors have a magnetic core that is made of iron or ferrite inside the core.

R&J Components has a tremendous inventory of both leaded and surface mount inductors in stock in some of the industries most popular brands, We stock inductors made by API/Delevan, Central Technologies,  Gowanda, Inductor Supply and TOKO to name just a few. Our knowledgeable sales staff averages over 15 years in supplying components such as inductors and capacitors to a consistently growing customer base of manufacturers and distributors.

R&J Components has been providing the electronics industry with components since 1948. Our franchised lines, product knowledge and tremendous inventory are just some the reasons you should contact us with your inductor requirements. We also combine the newest technology with the traditional idea that a distributor should provide their customer with excellent customer service.

Inductors are just one of the many products we supply. Visit our website www.rjcomponents.com or contact us by phone, fax or email for a quote and we will show you why we have been a leader in the electronic component industry for over 60 years. We look forward to hearing from you.

High Voltage Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors- Monday, April 28, 2014

R&J Components is in business since 1948 with over 32 million high voltage aluminum   electrolytic capacitors. We stock all types and values including:

  •  Computer grade: 124,000+ in stock including 23A, CGS, 36D series
  •  Snap mount:   1.4 million+ in stock including KMH, LGQ, LLK, 200U series
  •  Radial lead:     30 million+ in stock including UVZ, UVR, CKH, CKE series
  •  Axial lead:      1.2 million+ in stock including 53D, 39D, TTA, 2222 series    

We have stock on values up to 600 volts  

We are franchised and with over 100,000 sq ft of inventory we  stock many of the popular manufacturers including, Illinois capacitor, Nichicon, Genteq (GE), Meritek,Capacitor Industries and  Xicon

These capacitors have many Applications including:

Computer Grade (screw top) – HVAC, telecommunications, power systems.

Contact us with your requirements, and we will supply you with a quote from Genteq with a great price and any technical support you need.

Snap Mount- high capacitance and voltage in a small form factor. Switching power supplies and UPS. We can offer Nichicon and Illinois Capacitor direct form the factory.

Axialytic and Radialytics - used for filtering in power supplies and audio applications

Nichicon, Illinois capacitor can deliver high quality at a good price.   

If you have an application that requires high reliability we have one of the largest inventories in the world of mil spec 39018 style

All these capacitors are available in temperature ranges from the standard -40 + 85*C and the popular 105*C to the industrial 125*C

If you don’t see what you need please contact us. And we can help find an equal or upgrade to meet you application requirements.

With over 65yrs of experience and over 420,000 line items R&J is the right choice for all you component needs.


High Energy Corp - HT Series- Friday, April 25, 2014

HT Series Ceramic Capacitors are small, RF-capable, Class1 parts featuring high Voltage, Current and Power ratings. They exhibit a low dissipation factor and minimum self-inductance.  These extremely rugged capacitors are carefully designed to live in the demanding world of broadcast and high-voltage industrial application.  Their structure is both simple and robust, assuring a long trouble free life.  HT Series parts feature a nonconductive, humidity-resistant, coating and a long flashover path.  They are build upon a choice of six Class I dielectrics, providing a broad range of capacitance and temperature coefficients.  Typical applications include transmitters, antennas, induction heating, X-ray, diathermy and welding.

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