News from SunLED- Thursday, June 20, 2013

Established in 1989, SunLED has grown to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of optoelectronic products. SunLED offers an extensive product line that includes; Ultra Bright LEDs, Through-Hole LEDs, SMD LEDs, SMD Displays, Light Strips, LED Displays / Light Bars, Infrared, High Power LEDs and Circuit Board Indicators. With the objective of manufacturing high-quality parts, SunLED also sets out to develop new products that can improve current applications.  

In June 2013, SunLED announced the introduction of Incandescent LEDs. For those wishing to upgrade applications that still use incandescent miniature lamps; SunLED now offers a more durable, more efficient alternative. Moreover, upgrading to an LED component will ensure the lighting in any design does not need to be replaced. SunLED offers their new Incandescent LEDs in a 3mm and 5mm through-hole design with a unique color tone that matches the filament white emitted by miniature lamps.

SunLED is committed to providing the most competitive pricing, the shortest lead times possible and delivering the highest customer service. For these reasons, R&J Components is pleased to be an authorized supplier of SunLED products. Whether you are upgrading a current application or developing a new one, contact R&J Components Corp. for all your LED needs.

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