Introducing Techspray/Plato's Newest Product!- Thursday, July 30, 2015

Platoshear S Extra-Strong Lead Cutter & Plato Brass Tip Cleaners 

Meet Techspray/Plato's newest products: The Platoshear S and Brass Tip Cleaner! The Platoshear S is engineered to precisely trim higher gauge leads and wire without the blade nicking or dulling. 

  • Cut up to 15 AWG copper wire (.06"/1.5mm)
  • Long-life blade design
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Shear cutting to reduce cutting effort
  • Spring-back action 
  • Part #: 170 Click for more information 

Plato's Brass Tip Cleaner removes burnt flux and oxidation from tips to improve wetting, heat-throughput, and tip life. Cleans quickly without water, eliminating thermal stress of tip from the wet sponge. Works with all popular soldering stations including Weller, Hakko, Pace, and Metcal. 

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TECHSPRAY'S PHASE OUT OF AK-225- Friday, October 31, 2014
Plan ahead for the AK-225 cleaning solvent phase out and start looking for a replacement solvent now! Techspray has made the transition seamless by offering this handy product list and recommended crosses. Download your copy here.  Please note that Techspray will no longer produce or sell the AK-225 after December 31, 2014.  
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Techspray Move to New Facility- Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We received a letter from Techspray providing an updated status on their recent move to the new facility in Kennesaw, Georgia.  First off, they would like to extend their apologies for the “frustration and anguish due to a lack of communication” with the move.

The transfer to a new facility, combined with a SAP software conversion, led to a “tidal wave” of problems. Losing key employees, hiring, and training added to the disaster.

A problem we are all experiencing is the lack of response to shipment status questions. Finally, order acknowledgements with expected ship dates are being received and emergencies (line down, stock out for critical processes) are being taken care of quickly.  Additionally, weekly updates on back orders are being sent. New orders are being shipped in one to three weeks depending on the manufacturing schedule.  As we receive updates, we will pass along.

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Techspray New Product intro - Fine-L-Kote High Viscosity AR conformal coating- Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Fine-L-Kote High Viscosity AR (part #2151) is an innovative acrylic conformal coating that gives PCB assemblers a wider process window and greater flexibility in their coating operation. High viscosity allows operators to use as-is for dipping, or to thin down for spray systems. This coating is tested and approved in the most popular selective spray systems, both atomized and airless models. Designed with high solids content to maximize coating thickness and reduce production time.

Fine-L-Kote High Viscosity AR is a great addition to Techspray's Turbo-Coat acrylic coating line. Turbo-Coat offers the advantages of incredibly fast cure time and now toxicity, while our new coating is ideal for increasing coating thickness and reducing material cost. 


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Techspray New Product intro - Eco-dFluxer SMT200 & SMT300 inline & batch defluxers- Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The Techspray Renew Eco-dFluxer product series includes water-based, environmentally friendly defluxers designed to work in both inline and batch cleaning equipment.

New Eco-dFluxer SMT200 (part #1520) has great metals compatibility, preventing oxidation and leaving shiny solder joints. Eco-friendly formula reduces shipping and disposal costs. Effective with reduced concentration even on the toughest no-clean, R, RMA, OA and new halide-free fluxes.

New Eco-dFluxer SMT300 (part #1530) is a powerful defluxer that is also safe on sensitive metals found in semicon wire-bonding. Safe, eco-friendly formula. Effective on no-clean, R, RMA, OA fluxes and new halide-free fluxes.

High performance cleaning gives you brilliant solder joints and allows you to increase dilution, increase line speeds, reduce waste water, decrease cost per board, and most importantly... eliminate field failures due to ionic contamination!


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