Barker Microfarads (BMI) - Mil Spec Capacitors- Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Barker Microfarad is QPL to manufacturer the following Mil-Spec Capacitors

  • M39018/01 -55 to +125°C Miniature Axial; Styles CU12, CU13, & CUR13
  • M39018/02 -55 to +125°C Non-Polar, Miniature Axial; Styles CU14 & CU15
  • M39018/03 -55 to +105°C Tubular Axial Lead; Styles CU16, CU17, & CUR17
  • M39018/07 -55 to +105°C 4-Terminal Tubular Axial Lead; Style CUR19
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Amphenol RF- Friday, May 9, 2014

R&J Components has been a leading Amphenol RF distributor for over 20yrs.  Amphenol RF is the premier manufacture of connectors with commercial, industrial and military offerings.

Their connectors are widely used in a large spectrum of applications including

  • Broadband
  • Wireless
  • Automation
  • Military
  • Aerospace

What type of connector you may need mainly depends on the cable, and frequency of your application.  

Amphenol RF can offer a wide range of styles and types of RF connectors including

BNC, HN, TNC, SMA as well as other sub miniature coax connectors SMB, SMC, and SMS

Many connectors are offered in commercial grade designated by a suffix RFX as a low cost alternate to industrial grade.

Amphenol RF offers connectors and adapters QPL approved to MIL-PRF-39012 and 55339

Amphenol RF changed their part # designations by adding a 0 prefix to the p# IE: p# 31-236 a BNC bulkhead connector is now p# 031-236 which is the Amphenol p# for the discontinued government # UG625B/U. 

Today we will highlight the HN Connector.  IE: 082-805 4-hole flange receptacle. HN connectors are manufactured for high voltage applications, and harsh environments. These are offered in the industrial version with nickel plated brass bodies and silver and gold contacts. All HN connectors are weatherproof


  • Instrumentation
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Components
  • MIL-Aerospace
  • Airframe
  • Test & Measurement 

R& J Components has an extensive inventory of Amphenol RF connectors. We are able to provide samples for evaluation, and can keep in stock all your parts you use on an ongoing basis to avoid lead times. Please contact us with your RF requirements so we can provide you with top quality  connectors from the leader in the RF field.   

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Dearborn Electronic Capacitors - QPL List- Friday, May 2, 2014

Qualified Parts List and Custom Mil Spec Capacitors

Military capacitors can be made out of a wide variety of different materials depending on the needs of the application. Different types of units that meet these requirements include:

  • military tantalum capacitor
  • solid tantalum capacitors
  • military mica capacitors
  • military film capacitors
  • wet tantalum capacitors
Specification: MIL-C-25 
Title: Capacitor, Fixed, Paper Dielectric, D.C., Hermetically Sealed in Metallic Cases 
Series CP53-55 
Manufacturer: Dearborn Electronics, Inc. (CAGE Code: 01884)
Specification: MIL-PRF-11693 
Title: Capacitor, Feed Through, Radio-Interference, Reduction, Hermetic, A.C./D.C. (Hermetically Sealed in Metal Cases)
Series CZ23-24, CZR23-24 
Manufacturer: Dearborn Electronics, Inc. (CAGE Code: 01884)
Specification: MIL-C-18312 
Title: Capacitor, Fixed, Metallized, (Paper, Paper-Plastic or Plastic Film) Dielectric, D.C. (Hermetically Sealed in Metal Cases)
Series CH09, CH12 
Manufacturer: Dearborn Electronics, Inc. (CAGE Code: 01884)
Specification: MIL-PRF-19978 
Title: Capacitor, Fixed, Plastic (or Paper-Plastic) Dielectric (Hermetically Sealed in Metal, Ceramic, or Glass Cases)
Series CQ05, CQ08-13, CQ20, CQ72, CQR09, CQR12-13, CQR19, CQR29, CQR32-33, CQR39, CQR42-44
Manufacturer: Dearborn Electronics, Inc. (CAGE Code: 01884)
Specification: MIL-PRF-39022  (Specification 01 02 08 10 12 13) 
Title: Capacitor, Fixed, Metallized, (Paper-Plastic or Plastic) Film Dielectric, A.C./D.C. (Hermetically Sealed in Metal or Ceramic Cases)
Series CHR09-10, CHR 12, CHR19, CHR26-27
Manufacturer: Dearborn Electronics, Inc. (CAGE Code: 01884) Series 859P, 820P
Manufacturer: Electronic Concepts, Inc. (CAGE Code: 50558)
Specification: MIL-PRF-55514 
Title: Capacitor, Fixed, Plastic (or Metallized Plastic) Dielectric, D.C., in Nonmetal Cases
Series CFR02, CFR05, CFR09, CFR13-15, CFR26-27, CFR29-30
Manufacturer: Dearborn Electronics, Inc. (CAGE Code: 01884) Series 735P, 710P, 846P, LP88
Manufacturer: Electronic Concepts, Inc. (CAGE Code: 50558) Series EMCFR05, EMCFR06
Specification: MIL-PRF-83421 
Series M83421  (CRH00-09, CRH11-13, CRH31-35)
Manufacturer: Electronic Concepts, Inc. (CAGE Code: 50558)
Manufacturer: Dearborn Electronics, Inc. (CAGE Code: 01884) 
(CHR 11-13 Sole Source)
Marco Manufacturing – Military Terminal Blocks- Friday, April 25, 2014

With the introduction of Marco’s Thermoplastic Single and Double Row Closed Back Terminal Blocks, Marco has become one of the most relied upon sources of Military and Commercial Barrier-Type Terminal Blocks.

Military Terminal Blocks have the same construction features as commercial variety and are available in materials type GPT-30F per MIL-M-24519, color gray, and are designated to Military Specifications MIL-T-55164/C Class B. 

Commercial (UL-CSA) as well as Military approvals (MIL-T-55164/C) are held by all Marco Terminal Blocks

Military Series MIL-T-55164

  • 37TB, 38TB, Class B
  • 40TB, 41TB, Class B
  • 37TB, 38TB, 39TB Class F
  • 40TB, 41TB, 42TB Class F
  • 3TB, 4TB, 6TB, 7TB, 8TB, 9TB Navy Class
  • 10TB, 15TB, 16TB, 17TB, 25TB, 26TB Navy Class
  • Military Marker Strips
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ATC - Military QPL Approved Products- Friday, April 25, 2014

ATC is a QPL Approved Supplier for MIL-PRF-55681/4 and /5 products. The Military Products Manual covers the general requirements for established reliability fixed, multilayer, unencapsulated, monolithic porcelain and ceramic dielectric capacitors.

Military QPL Approved Products

  • ATC CDR Military Products are QPL approved to MIL-PRF-55681
  • ATC Porcelain and Ceramic Multilayer Capacitors:
    • High capacitance values available
    • Tighter tolerances

ATC offers military approved high frequency BP characteristic (NPO), fixed ceramic chip capacitors in standard EIA sizes. This offering consists of 0402, 0603 and 0805 industry standard case sizes in accordance with DSCC Drawings 05003, 05002 and 05001 respectively. This product is offered in several tested grades. The standard offering is supplied with Group A inspection per MIL-PRF-55681.

ATC RF/Microwave Capacitors QPL Mil-PFR-55681/4 and 5

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