Black Box Networks- Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Black Box Network services corporation is essentially divided into two parts: Black Box Solutions and Black Box Products. Black Box Solutions consists of network services that Black Box Corporation offers. These services include IT services, transformation services, sunset services, global rollouts, and IT asset management. These solutions can be applied to maximize technology efficiency and minimize risks of security breaches in environments like conference rooms, classrooms, contact centers, control rooms, and data centers. They assess challenges in numerous business environments and provide solutions. The other half of their corporation, Black Box Products, consists of electrical/technological products and components which we carry at R&J Components. These products run along the lines of…

  • Cabinets and Racks
  • Cables
  • Carts and Storage
  • Control Systems
  • Cooling Solutions
  • Digital Signage
  • Jacks, Panels & Hardware
  • KVM
  • Networking
  • Video and Multimedia


Copper Patch: Black Box offers 3-Series CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A Premium lockable patch cables which come equipped with up to three levels of security. The cable can have no pin, designated as “protected” for everyday network connections. The next level up is the green secure locking pin which holds the cable in place and can be released simply by squeezing the pin. The highest level is the red locking pin which requires a removal tool to remove the cable to prevent unauthorized access.

Cabling is an important part of any network. When choosing the right cable, you have to consider factors like cost, mobility, and convergence. These cables come in numerous standards, such as CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, and CAT7a. “Standards establish technical criteria and ensure uniformity and compatibility in and between networks” –Black Box Product Guide. The CAT5e and CAT6A patch cables are noted to be good for general purpose network connections. The CAT6 series are ideal for preventing accidental disconnects, which is good for industrial, manufacturing, and mission-critical environments.

Fiber: They also offer fiber patch cables which offer a greater bandwidth than standard copper cables, higher security and low attenuation. Black Box even offers them in bulk with no minimum length, so you can order them cut-to-length. Their fiber patch cables come in different types consisting of Economy, Multicolored, Pre-Terminated, Premium, and Black Box Connect.

Other cables include copper bulk, audio/video cables for your AV and multimedia, coax & twinax cables for security systems, computer and data cables, fiber bulk/patch/pigtails/trunk, serial cables, modular/telephone for telephone connections, USB, and speciality cables.

KVM:  A KVM switch, (KVM, short for keyboard, video, and mouse) allows one to control one or more CPU’s or servers with one keyboard, mouse, and monitor. KVM can be used in video control rooms for broadcasting, retail, manufacturing, law enforcement and various other industries that require multiple screens

Black Box offers 2-, 4-, and 8-port KVM switches for desktop KVM  use. This gives a user access to multiple systems while still providing HD video, creating a unified desktop system across multiple monitors.

They also offer IP enabled KVM switches for KVM applications on remote servers over a LAN.

Their air force approved secure KVM line offers 2- and 4- port KVM switches to maximize safety between secure and non-secure networks.

Black Box’s server room/enterprise KVM switches are used for control of remote servers for both local and remote users.

Black Box additionally offers KVM matrix switching, specialty KVM, virtual desktop computing, KVM trays, extenders, cables, and accessories.  

Networking gear: Black Box’s inventory of networking gear helps to develop and expand networks.

Media Converters: These allow you to connect different types of media such as a twister pair, fiber, or coax within one network. It lets a user extend their Ethernet network past the 100-meter limit. They can be commercial grade, industrial, managed, or 10-Gigabit.

Console Servers: Console Servers give a network manager a single, centralized access point to remotely oversee, operate, and troubleshoot IT infrastructure. They ensure maximum uptime, ranging anywhere from 2- to 48- ports. 

Extenders: With an Ethernet extender, you can expand your network beyond the 100-meter limit. This is used to establish networks that are physically separated, such as those across a campus, across a town, or across a building. They’re commonly utilized in commercial and industrial environments, as well as for general wireless applications. Black Box offers extenders over coax, over UTP, over T1, over Ethernet, and more. 

Ethernet Switches: Black Box offers small office/home office, industrial, and commercial/office grade Ethernet switches. The commercial/home office and industrial grade have a wide variety of port options, while the small office/home office grade’s compact size saves space.

Legacy Technologies: Black Box sells legacy technology devices to keep legacy networks functioning smoothly.

PoE:  PoE, or Power over Ethernet, carries data and power over one Ethernet cable. It’s convenient because it powers devices that aren’t near a power outlet or are in a hard to reach area. PoE’s are easy to use and save devices from power failures. You can use extenders, midspan injectors, repeaters, splitters, and switches, all of which are offered by Black Box. 

Video & Multimedia:

Adapters: They offer a remote composite adapter which can be paired with splitter modules to broadcast to more video sources. They offer a VGA DDC Ghost to ensure trouble-free VGA video connections in digital signage systems. They have a Mini DisplayPort Male to VGA Female Adapter to convert video signals from Mini DisplayPort to VGA format, as well as an HDMI Male-DVI-D Female Adapter to convert between HDMI cables/ports to DVI. Their USB 2.0 video adapter allows you to take live digital video from an analog camera, while their DVI-D EDID and HDMI EDID ghosts optimizes video output on any display. 

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CIT Relay & Switch Presents Snap Action Microswitches- Wednesday, September 23, 2015
CIT Relay & Switch Presents Snap Action Microswitches
Available in two sizes, the CIT Relay & Switch Snap Action Microswitches present a choice of SPST OR SPDT circuit. These UL/cUL recognized switches offer highly reliable function and excellent switching precision. Several mounting and actuator options prove suitable for many different applications. Contact CIT Relay & Switch today to determine which series works for your design needs!
VM3 Group
VM3 Series
Common applications for the VM3 Series snap action microswitches include leveling and safety switces in elevators, vending machines and door detection. They are ideal for use in security, medical, process controls, business machines, HVAC, material handling, vending, gaming, circuit breakers and household appliances. 

SM3 Group
SM3 Series
Small in size, common applications for the SM3 Series snap action microswitches include leveling and safety switches in elevators, vending machines and door detection. The SM3 Series is ideal for use in security, medical, process controls, business machines, HVAC, material handling, vending, gaming, circuit breakers and household appliances.
New Voltage Rating Results for the HelaGuard HG-SW Non-Metallic Conduit- Tuesday, September 22, 2015

HellermannTyton's HelaGuard Standard Weight nylon corrugated Conduit (HG-SW) received a 600V rating performance, a certification few corrugated conduit suppliers can make. For information on the complete line of HelaGuard protection systems, visit:

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Flir's Launch of the New MR160!- Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Flir's Launch of the New MR160!
FLIR's new MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter is the first of its kind. It features Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) Technology that helps you quickly scan and target moisture issues. Equipped with a built-in thermal camera, you can review images and generate reports with FREE Flir tools software. The MR160 comes with FLIR's 2-10 warranty, 2 year full product warranty and 10 year detector warranty.

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Neutrik's New EtherCON Cat 6a Family!- Monday, August 31, 2015
With Neutrik's release of their new etherCON Cat 6a line, they now have three distinct etherCON lines to offer:
  • Cat 5. The original etherCON, available in a wide variety of cable carriers and chassis connectors.
  • Cat 6. This is a specialized product line consisting of:
         * one punchdown chassis connector in either nickel or black finish (NE8FDY-C6*),
         * one cable carrier that includes a shielded RJ45 (NE8MC6-MO), and
            various pre-terminated, STP cable options (NKE6S*).
  • Cat 6a. A new line of punchdown and feedthrough chassis connectors, plus a cable carrier that includes a shielded Cat 6a RJ45. 
    Click here to view the new etherCON Cat 6a line. 
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Updates to Alpha's Xtra-Guard 1 Product Line- Monday, August 31, 2015
Alpha Wire has made some changes to their Xtra-Guard 1 High- Performance PVC cable family to make the product even better! The updates include additional UL approvals and a wider operating temperature range. 
The following improvements have been made:
  •          Added UL Sun Res
  •          Added 60oC Oil (Oil Res I)
  •     Extended lower temperature range on the 300V Xtra-Guard 1, it now goes          down to -35oC

  •          Added IEC Flame ratings: IEC 60332-1 & -2
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SE Relay’s/Magnecraft’s 861H Solid State Relay – An Industry First!- Thursday, August 27, 2015

861H is the first complete solid state relay approved for use in hazardous locations. The 861H incorporates an integrated heat sink and sealing technology to achieve the Class 1, Division 2 rating from Underwriters Laboratories for approved use in Groups A, B, C and D hazardous locations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Features:
    • Class 1, Division 2 certification
    • Solid state circuitry
    • Optically coupled circuit
    • Internal snubber
    • Finger-safe terminals
  • Benefits:
    • Approves relay for use in hazardous locations
    • Involves no moving parts
    • Provides electrical isolation between input and output circuits
    • Protects relay’s output circuit from high voltage transients
    • Prevents operator from touching live circuits

Selling Opportunities:

The 861H SSR Series is ideal for applications that demand reliability such as burner assemblies, chemical injections systems, extraction and refining

machines, solenoid control, blower control, motorized duct and vent control, medical equipment and lighting. The 861H fills a critical void in the mining, oil and gas industries that require high reliable switching solutions. 


  • Oil and Gas: burner assemblies, chemical injection systems, extraction machines
  • Mining: blower control, motorized duct/vent control, drill control, explosive control
  • Food & Beverage: anti-condensation equipment, compressor control, cooking equip.
  • Medical Equipment: high reliability, lifts & escalators, low switching noise
  • Packaging Machinery: conveyor motors, heaters, product/shrink wrap, solenoid control


The closest competitor is Phoenix’s PLC series, which has a different form and does not go up to 15A.

Magnecraft’s 725 power relays - Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Magnecraft’s 725 power relays offer high-capacity switching with high dielectric voltage resistance capabilities. The RoHS compliant 725 Relay easily handles the demands of high-current applications at loads that rival the competition. 

725 Relay Features & Benefits:

  • High contact ratings (up to 30 AMP, 3 HP)- suitable for high-powered switching
  • applications
  • 4000V dielectric strength (coil to contacts) – withstands severe voltage surges
  • and spikes
  • Multiple mounting options – fits a variety of applications
  • Full-feature cover option (plug-in socket mount) – simplifies and expedites
  • installation and testing
  • Complete system solution – socket, retention clip and protection modules are
  • available for customized deployment (plug-In models)
  • Finger-safe screw terminals (relay & socket) – increases safety in work
  • environment
  • RoHS compliant – satisfies import requirements

Applications and Selling Opportunities:

  • Automation Panels: process controls, motor control, emergency lighting
  • HVAC & Refrigeration: anti-condensation equipment, compressor control, blower
  • control, motorized duct/vent control
  • Lighting Control: traffic signal systems, motorway information systems, theatrical
  • lighting, ballast lighting
  • Packaging Machinery: conveyor motors, food processors, product/shrink wrap,
  • solenoid control
  • Power Supplies: universal power supplies, battery back-up systems
  • Food & Beverage: anti-condensation equipment, compressors, commercial/industrial
  • cooking equipment, filtration equipment
  • Appliances: air conditioners, water heaters, portable heaters, spa controls, water pumps


Omron (G7L Series)

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Flir - The World’s Only Standalone Flexible Clamp Meters- Thursday, July 30, 2015

Simplify Current Measurements with the New FLIR CM55 & CM57

Make it easier to take accurate current measurements with FLIR’s new CM55/57 flexible clamp meters. Made with narrow, flexible coil clamps instead of a traditional hard jaw, the FLIR CM55 and CM57 snake, bend, and maneuver around obstacles so you can easily take measurements in tight or awkward spots – even in deep, crowded cabinets.

Tackle multiple conductor measurements with true RMS AC current up to 3,000 Amps, and take readings from a safe distance with remote viewing via iOS® and Android™ smartphones or tablets.

To get the same flexibility and maneuverability of the FLIR CM55/57 with your existing clamp meter or DMM, check out the FLIR TA72/74 universal flex current probe accessory. It works with most DMMs and clamp meters of every brand, giving you the best readings.

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Special New Products by Neutrik- Thursday, July 30, 2015
etherCON Cat 5e PCB-mount chassis connectors

Neutrik CAT5e

Neutrik's new etherCON Cat 5e chassis connectors fulfill a number of requirements for electrical and mechanical engineers.   

Features include:

- Cat 5e performance

- PoE+ compliance

- Horizontal and vertical PCB mounting options. 

- Vertical-mount connectors employ a 24mm distance from front panel to 
  PCB--the same as that for Neutrik's XLR chassis connectors, 1/4" jacks,

- Special lightpipe versions.  Separately optimized versions for SMD LEDs
  and for through-hole LEDs

- Fully shielded versions available

- Accommodates rugged etherCON cable carriers as well as any standard
  RJ45 plug.

Click here for complete information on these new chassis connectors.  

opticalCON® LITE line expansion

Neutrik opticalCON LITE

Neutrik's opticalCON LITE cable assemblies are ideal for light-duty, infrequent patching solutions where rugged, water-tight and dust-tight connections are valuable.  opticalCON LITE cable assemblies provide a cost-effective alternative to Neutrik's heavier duty opticalCON ADVANCED series.

Already available in 2-fiber configurations as opticalCON LITE DUO, the opticalCON LITE cable assembly range will expand to include 4-fiber opticalCON QUAD and 12-fiber opticalCON MTP®. 

Click here to read more about opticalCON LITE Quad and MTP. 

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All You Need to Know about Abbatron:- Thursday, July 30, 2015

Abbatron is the premier supplier of high-quality hardware and connectors, highend audio products, and custom capabilities. With over 50 years of experience of designing and manufacturing, Abbatron offers a wide variety of American made electronic hardware components.

Product Offerings:

Plugs & Jacks: Standard, Miniature and Giant Banana
Binding Posts: Spring Loaded, Knob Type, Dual, Insulated, and Metal Styles
Test Accessories: Dual Instrument Test Adapters, Test Prods, Test Lead Kits, Test Lead, Alligator Clips, Jumpers
Spacers and Standoffs:

  • Aluminum- provide a compromise between weight and strength
  • Brass- most common material for high quality spacers and standoffs
  • Nylon – is a general-purpose insulating material for spacers and standoffs
  • Phenolic Spacers – when higher temperatures are encountered
  • Ceramic Standoffs – will withstand very high operating temperatures and very high voltages without flash-over

Hardware: Bumpers and Chassis Feet, Hole-Plugs, Cable Clamps and Strain Reliefs, Instrument Handles, Caterpillar Grommets & Standard Grommets, Insulated Washers, Shaft Accessories, High Voltage Insulators, Solder Lugs and Terminal Strips

Type of Product Applications:

  • Electrical Measuring & Testing Instruments
  • Laboratory Analytical Instruments
  • Audio Video Equipment
  • Communication Equipment
  • Industrial Instruments for Measurement, Display, and Control
  • Surgical and Medical Instruments and Apparatus
  • Electro-medical & Electro-therapeutic Apparatus
  • Amplifiers and Speaker Systems
  • Underwater Radios and Mining Radios

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Sola HD's: Undertand the Impact Energy Efficient Transformers- Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Department of Energy, (DOE) raised the efficiency requirements of transformers in April 2013 to be implemented January 1, 2016. Manufacturers may no longer produce current EPACT 2005 (previously TP-1) units after 2015. Pricing has not been finalized, but may result in a 15-30% increase. Sola HD has been working to re-tool its product line to adhere to the new DOE 2016 government standards ahead of the January 1st effective date. Redesigns are complete and initial product manufacturing is underway. You will be able to order the DOE 2016 certified equipment in October 2015.

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Introducing Techspray/Plato's Newest Product!- Thursday, July 30, 2015

Platoshear S Extra-Strong Lead Cutter & Plato Brass Tip Cleaners 

Meet Techspray/Plato's newest products: The Platoshear S and Brass Tip Cleaner! The Platoshear S is engineered to precisely trim higher gauge leads and wire without the blade nicking or dulling. 

  • Cut up to 15 AWG copper wire (.06"/1.5mm)
  • Long-life blade design
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Shear cutting to reduce cutting effort
  • Spring-back action 
  • Part #: 170 Click for more information 

Plato's Brass Tip Cleaner removes burnt flux and oxidation from tips to improve wetting, heat-throughput, and tip life. Cleans quickly without water, eliminating thermal stress of tip from the wet sponge. Works with all popular soldering stations including Weller, Hakko, Pace, and Metcal. 

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Flir's New Imaging Moisture Meter: MR160- Thursday, July 30, 2015
FLIR's new MR160 lmaging Moisture Meter is the first of its kind to feature lnfrared Guided Measurement (lGM) technology. IGM guides you to the spot where moisture has been detected to identify and validate problems fast. The MR160 provides an infrared image, both built in pin-less sensor for non-intrusive measurements, and external pin probe. 
  • This new product is due to arrive mid-late July. Be the first to stock the new Imaging Moisture Meter and pre-order yours today!
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HellermannTyton adds Metal Solar Placards to Lineup- Thursday, July 30, 2015

HellermannTyton has added the first product of its kind to their innovative line of identification solutions - 

Metal Solar Placards. Metal solar placards offer maximum durability and ease in code compliance and they are offered in pre-printed and variable data placards for displaying installation-specific information like voltage ratings. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Tested and rated to last up to 25 years in outdoor use

  • Designed for easy and efficient PV identification

  • Meets or exceeds PV labeling codes and standards

  • Conveniently offered in packs of 5, with retail header cards

  • Optional Paint Shields protect placards from accidental paint-over and graffiti

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CIT Relay & Switch Automotive Relays- Friday, June 26, 2015

CIT Relay & Switch offers a broad line of mechanical automotive relays. From low current applications up to 80 amps, CIT can support your requirements. To choose the best automotive relay for your application, contact CIT Relay and Switch, we will work with you to determine your best options and provide you with a high quality, competitive solution.
Specifications and materials are dependent upon your choice of relay.

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Alpha Wire PRODUCT CHANGE / END OF LIFE NOTICE TY2001- Thursday, May 28, 2015


As part of our regular product life cycle management activities, Alpha Wire is announcing the obsolescence of the following item number TY2001. Although these part numbers are now not standard to Alpha Wire, they may still be offered as a special/custom product and subject to new minimums, new lead times and/or price changes.

TY2001 in all colors and put-ups has been identified for obsolescence, effective immediately.

List of part numbers is below.

Item Class Description

Item Number

Item Description


TY2001 BK257

TYT2001 BLACK 36 FT          


TY2001 BK270

TYT2001 BLACK 14 FT          


TY2001 BL257

TYT2001 BLUE 36 FT           


TY2001 GR270

TYT2001 GREEN 14 FT          


TY2001 RD257

TYT2001 RED 36 FT            


TY2001 RD270

TYT2001 RED 14 FT            


TY2001 WH257

TYT2001 WHITE 36 FT          


TY2001 WH270

TYT2001 WHITE 14 FT          


TY2001 YL270

TYT2001 YELLOW 14 FT         


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Illinois Capacitor Offers Custom Supercapacitor Modules - Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Illinois Capacitor Supercapacitor (EDLC) Modules expand power storage options with greater capacitance and voltage options!
  • Virtually unlimited capacitance and voltage ratings
  • Temperature ratings to match your needs
  • Operating Life = Up to 10 years with 500,000 cycles
  • Active or passive balancing
  • Fully customizable
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Heyco's New Power Cords- Friday, May 15, 2015

Heyco Products now offers HEYlock Locking IEC Power Cords. The Power Cords eliminate accidental and vibration disconnects and are universally compatible - no mating plug or receptacle required!  They are designed for retrofit as a plug and play replacement for existing power cords and available in Universal C13 to C14 and C13 to 5-15P. 

For more information about HEYlock Locking IEC Power Cords, please click here. 

Interested in this product? We encourage you to read about Heyco's Modular Connector System and visit the Heyco Specialty Power Cord section of their website
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SE Relays (Magnecraft) Price Increase - Friday, May 15, 2015

SE Relays (Magnecraft) has announced a price increase for June 1, 2015.

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Alpha Wire Adds New Product to EcoGen Family- Friday, May 15, 2015
EcoFlex Pur is the newest addition to Alpha's recyclable EcoGen line.  It is a 600V ZH Pur cable with mPPE inners and significant size and weight savings, as well as the high quality you are accustomed to with EcoGen. 
The EcoFlex Pur is suitable for: machine tools, outdoor applications, mining, industrial machinery, construction machinery, agricultural equipment and assembly & production lines. 
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Illinois Capacitor Offers Axial-Leaded Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors- Wednesday, April 22, 2015

High Performance, Long Life and Small Package Size
Perfect for Low-Profile designs!

  • Standard Values: 0.47µF to 22,000µF
  • Voltage Range: 6.3 to 450 WVDC
  • High Ripple Current Ratings
  • Compact and RoHS compliant.
  • Load Life Rating: 2,000 hrs @ 85°C and 1,000 hrs @ 105°C

Applications: General purpose filtering, audio coupling and cross-overs, DC blocking and much more!

Available Axial-Leaded Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
(Click on series for parametric search)
  • TTA Series: General Purpose +85°C rated at 2,000 hours.
  • TMA Series: General Purpose Extended Life +105°C at 2,000 hours.
  • TLS Series: Low Leakage +85°C rated at 2,000 hours.
  • BPA Series: Bi-Polar/Non-Polar +85°C rated at 2,000 hours.

METALIZED OR FILM-FOIL CAPACITOR?- Saturday, February 28, 2015

Film Capacitors come in two standard designs, a film-foil combination where plastic or paper films are interleaved with metal foils that serve as electrodes, or as a Metalized construction where film has aluminum or zinc deposited in it to serve as the electrodes.

Metalized film capacitors show there advantages where smaller applications are needed due to their smaller size and lower weight. Metalized capacitors also have a built in “healing” property where in the case of voltage stress the film will clear itself and heal the point of damage. Due to this “healing” property most metalized film capacitors are tolerant of overvoltage.

Circuits which require high currents may need a film-foil combination capacitor. The heavy foil of this combination offers low electrical resistance and excellent thermal dissipation preventing internal hot spots and optimizing the circuit efficiency.

Impregnated capacitors are recommended for high voltage circuits where corona may be a problem. Wax is suitable for a lower temperature application. For higher temperature application oil is a suitable impregnant. These capacitors can be either metalized or film-foil combination. Also, series wound units are used to prevent corona.

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San-tron 7/16s Are The Answer When Every dB Counts.- Tuesday, February 24, 2015

San-tron 7/16s Are The Answer When Every dB Counts.
Innovative design and meticulous machining make San-tron 7/16s the only choice for critical signal transmissions. Made of the highest quality materials to ensure the best performance in even the harshest environments, they consistently deliver passive intermodulation performance as good as -175 dBc.      



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Dielectric Laboratories- Saturday, February 21, 2015

DLI makes capacitors for high frequency applications demanding near perfect, almost lossless devices. Their components use specially developed, proprietary materials tuned to provide optimized high Q, low ESR responses. 

They are the world’s largest supplier of single-layer capacitors, typically used in hybrid and high-frequency modules, offering the broadest range of material and device options.  Our multilayer capacitors include traditional “porcelain” products, as well as highly temperature-stable and extremely low ESR chips and a family of broadband blocks.

San-Tron S292 Series. The 40 GHz Coaxial Solution.- Tuesday, February 17, 2015

S292 Series.
The 40 GHz Coaxial Solution.
San-tron's S292 series is a an exclusive offering for RF/microwave, military and aerospace engineers designing in the
40 GHz or K-band range. These high- performance coaxial connectors are designed to the 2.92 mm standard and offer a compatible mating style to Anritsu K Connectors, SMA, WSMA, and 3.50 mm connectors.


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Exciting things are happening at Illinois Capacitor! 

It was announced today that Illinois Capacitor Inc., and its affiliates have been acquired by Cornell Dubilier Marketing, Inc. This acquisition brings together two of the leading manufacturers of capacitors for the electronics marketplace. For the foreseeable future, Illinois Capacitor will operate as a separate subsidiary of Cornell Dubilier, and will continue to be headquartered in suburban Chicago. Its Asian headquarters will remain in Hong Kong. 

The two companies have mostly complementary product lines, with some areas of overlap. Illinois Capacitor and its customers will benefit by an expansion of product sales and distribution resources, as well as enhanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Cornell Dubilier will gain product breadth with Illinois Capacitor’s extensive board-level product lines, which include aluminum electrolytic, polymer, film; and EDLC (super) capacitors and modules.

Illinois Capacitor President Basil Jacobson said, “We are thrilled to be joining the Cornell Dubilier team. Both companies will be exceptionally well positioned to expand sales through broadening product offerings and sales outlets. At this time, Cornell Dubilier has very strong product distribution in the US, with IC having extensive capabilities in Asia.” Jacobson continued, “In addition, the product line expansion will create opportunities for both brands.”

Both companies are privately held and both have grown up with the electronics industry. Illinois Capacitor traces its history back over 80 years, with Cornell Dubilier’s roots extending over 105 years! There are also many shared values among the two organizations, with very high emphasis on product quality, customer service and delivery. 

Illinois Capacitor Introduces Quick Release Motor Run Capacitor- Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Illinois Capacitor QPC Motor Run Capacitors are quicker to
install and offer the durability and reliability you need.

  • Standard values from 0.4 to 10µF; 250 to 450 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Operating temperature ranges from -25°C to +85°C
  • Exclusive locking push-wire contacts speed installation and eliminate the need to solder
  • Multiple contact option eliminates the need for terminal strips
  • Fast installation with slide-lock mounting brackets
  • Very rugged, flame-retardant (UL94V-O) case
  • UL810, IEC 566-1982, CNS4327, JIS C4908

Designed for continuous use in motor run applications and for power factor correction.

QPC Series Motor Run Capacitors can save significant installation time when compared to conventionally leaded or terminated devices.  As shown below, just press an 18-20 gauge wire into one of the sockets and it becomes locked in place.  If you need to make a change, slide the tip of a probe or a pin into the adjacent operating hole and the wire can be removed.  The metal mounting bracket also speeds assembly, as it can be mounted first.  Just slide the capacitor onto the bracket and it locks in place.

- Click to View Additional Motor Run Capacitors -


Illinois Capacitor Announces New Polymer Capacitor- Monday, February 2, 2015
New AVG Polymer Capacitor Opens The Door To More Applications With 125°C, 160 WVDC Performance!
  • Values from 4.7 to 1,500µF
  • 16 WVDC to 160 WVDC
  • Operating temperature ranges from -55°C to +125°C
  • Load Life rated up to 2,000 hours @ 125°C
  • Ultra-low ESR and high Ripple Current
Applications include: high-frequency switching power supplies, DC-DC converters, commercial grade LED lighting, telecommunications, high-performance graphics cards, automation controls and more....
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Neutrik - New product opticalCON LITE- Tuesday, December 30, 2014

With the new opticalCON LITE, Neutrik offers a cost-effective alternative to opticalCON ADAVANCED, which has proven its robustness in the last 8 years under the most extreme conditions. opticalCON LITE is a semi-rugged fiber optic connection for a wide variety of applications: its lightweight, compact design, robust housing, and high mating cycles provide a safe and cost-effective connection.

opticalCON LITE is compatible with the opticalCON DUO ADVANCED chassis connectors, using a similar push-pull locking mechanism and offering the same IP65 environmental protection. Like opticalCON ADVANCED, opticalCON DUO LITE is based on LC connectors, surrounding the connectors with a compact, rugged plastic housing. The fiber is easily cleaned using industry-standard tools. Employing a novel fiber structure, the cable used with opticalCON LITE is designed to meet the extreme conditions of the entertainment industry. The cable offers excellent bending performance, a compact design and extreme flexibility that far exceed the mechanical strength of conventional patch cables. opticalCON DUO LITE uses the proven opticalCON cable strain relief, adapted specifically to this cable, ensuring a secure connection.

opticalCON DUO LITE is the first product of the new opticalCON LITE series. Its robustness and competitive price make opticalCON DUO LITE a serious and compelling alternative to standard fiber patch cables.

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NWL - Military Grade Magnetics and Capacitors- Saturday, November 22, 2014

NWL is proud to supply high performance power electronics components to the United States armed forces.  We have developed a reputation for exceeding design specifications, building extremely reliable products, and supporting our customers throughout the service life of our equipment.

We conform to the following standards and specifications:

  • MIL PRF-27, Rev. F.  General Specification for Transformers and Inductors.
  • MIL STD-202, Rev. G.  Test Method Standard, Electronic and Electrical Components.
  • MIL STD-810, Rev. G.  Test Method Standard for Environmental Engineering Considerations.
  • MIL-S-901D, Shock Test Requirements for Shipboard Equipment.
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R&J Components takes on the Klein Tools Line- Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Klein Tools was founded in 1857 by an industrious German immigrant, Mathias Klein, who began in the hand tool business when a broken side-cutting pliers was brought to his forge shop by a telegraph lineman. Mathias repaired the pliers by forging and finishing a new half for the tool and riveting it to the old half. Soon the lineman returned because the other original half of the pliers had broken and needed replacement. Mathias forged and finished the second half of the pliers and riveted it to the other replacement half – creating the first complete Klein pliers.

To this day, Klein Tools is proudly owned and managed by the Klein family. Over 150 years of hard work and dedication has earned Klein the reputation of supplying only the finest quality products for users of professional hand tools and occupational protective equipment..

These days, it can be hard to find companies that make products you can count on. But that’s exactly what you’ll get from Klein Tools.

They don’t just make great products, they make great products that stand up to the demands of the professionals who use them everyday. Because their standards are as high as yours, they demand that every one of their hand tools delivers all the performance, durability and precision that you need to get the job done right.

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Glenair Military Spec Listing- Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Military Standard Part Numbers Available from Glenair

D38999/21 M81511/18 MS27470 M28840/15
D38999/22 M81511/19 MS27471 M28840/23
D38999/23 M83513/01 thru /33 MS27475 M28840/24
D38999/25 M81914/1 thru /11 MS27476 M28876/1 thru /15
D38999/27  M83723/15 MS27477 M29504/3, /14, /15
D38999/28 M83723/35 MS27478 MS3057
D38999/32 M83723/50 MS27501 MS3105
D38999/33 M83723/59 MS27502 MS3115
D38999/41 M83723/60 MS27506 MS3152
D38999/43 M83723/61 MS27507 MS3153
D38999/45 M83723/70 MS27510 MS3154
D38999/48 M83733/15 MS27511 MS3158
D38999/50 M85049/1 thru /31, /33  MS27512 MS3180
M81824/1-1,-2, -3 thru /47, /49, /51 thru /63, MS27557 MS3181
M38999/9, /10 /69, /75 thru /96, /103 thru MS27558 MS3184
M24308/9 /130, /134 & /139 thru /142 MS27559 MS3186
M24758/1 thru /9, M85528/1 thru /3 MS27741  MS3188
/11 thru /19 M32139/01,/02, /03, /04 M28840/1 MS3189
M29504/4 & /5 MS17349 M28840/2 MS3410
M39029/56, /57, /58, /83, MS17350 M28840/3 MS3416
/84, /106, /107 MS25042 M28840/6 MS3417
 M81511/13 MS25043 M28840/7 MS3418
M81511/14 MS27291 M28840/8 MS3419
M81511/16 MS27296 M28840/9 MS3420
M81511/17 MS27297 M28840/13 MS3437 

Military Standard Part Numbers

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TECHSPRAY'S PHASE OUT OF AK-225- Friday, October 31, 2014
Plan ahead for the AK-225 cleaning solvent phase out and start looking for a replacement solvent now! Techspray has made the transition seamless by offering this handy product list and recommended crosses. Download your copy here.  Please note that Techspray will no longer produce or sell the AK-225 after December 31, 2014.  
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RCD Components Inc., a leading manufacturer of passive components, offers ultra-precision thin-film resistors. RCD’s thin-film BLU-chip series resistors are available in a wide range of industry standard case sizes including 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 1210, 2010, and 2512, with minimum resistance values ranging from 4.7W to 4.7MW and tight tolerances to ±0.01%. The tightest TCR value for the BLU series devices are ±2 ppm/°C. Working voltages range from 15 V to 200 V, and maximum DC power ratings range from 50mW to 1W. RCD’s BLU series thin-film technology offers designers the lowest and most predictable absolute Temperature Coefficient Resistance available in thinfilms. The availability of tight absolute tolerance and TCR provides an excellent cost solution for most applications that previously required bulk metal foil types.

If you are buying CDE Dipped Mica Capacitors then you may be paying too much!- Thursday, October 16, 2014

SE Capacitor Dipped Mica Capacitors are designed to meet the exacting physical, electrical and environmental requirements of the MIL-C-5 and RS-153 specifications.

Why use Mica in your appplication?


It is well known that natural mica is extremely stable against heat. SE Capacitors are manufactured from selected Indian ruby muscovite mica having optimum electrical characteristics. Silvered mica is made by printing electrodes on mica film with special silver paste. The silvered films are stacked to the desired value interleaved with metal foils for contact. Then the terminals are clamped on to the element. (The terminals are copper clad steel wires finished with a solider coating for good solderability). 

The clamped unit is either dipped under vacuum in epoxy resin and coated with epoxy powder conformally or dipped in phenolic resin and vacuum impregnated with liquid epoxy resin. The envelope thus formed gives high moisture and heat resistance to the unit. This design ensures high reliability and stability.

Types of Dipped Mica Capacitors  


Ordering Code Information
We stock precision 1% tolerances

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Alpha Wires New EcoCable!- Monday, September 29, 2014

Alpha's EcoCable® Line family is growing with their newest addition of the EcoCable Mini!  The EcoCable Mini is the smallest and lightest 300 V cable ever! It is ideal for power and signal transmission applications in medical devices and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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Neutrik Design Change Notification- Monday, September 29, 2014

Neutrik has made a design improvement to part number: NADB*MF*, which affects products NADB9MF, NADB9MF-B, NADB15MF and NADB15MF-B. They have changed the dimension of the D flange to improve ground contact by adding copper film. Neutrik will continue to ship current product until depletion of stock, but the new products will be identified with a G44 date code.  

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Magnecraft Product Announcement - Monday, September 29, 2014

As mentioned earlier this year, Magnecraft is discontinuing the 782 Control, 750 and 788 Series Relays. These products are now being replaced by the Magnecraft 792, 750R and 788R Series of products, which provide enhancements.

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Plastic Capacitor Closed- Tuesday, September 16, 2014

After 62 years manufacturing off-the-shelf and special High Voltage Capacitors in the northwest side of Chicago.  Plastic Capacitor has closed operartions and is not longer taking order for customers. 

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Speco Technologies - Intensifier IP - Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Speco Technologies is proud to announce that its

exacqIntensifier IP cameras are now integrated with Exacq, a leading developer of open architecture, Video Management System (VMS) solutions for security and surveillance applications.



The exacqVision software must be updated to version 6, which is available from Exacq.  Click here for Exacq software download 

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Techspray Move to New Facility- Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We received a letter from Techspray providing an updated status on their recent move to the new facility in Kennesaw, Georgia.  First off, they would like to extend their apologies for the “frustration and anguish due to a lack of communication” with the move.

The transfer to a new facility, combined with a SAP software conversion, led to a “tidal wave” of problems. Losing key employees, hiring, and training added to the disaster.

A problem we are all experiencing is the lack of response to shipment status questions. Finally, order acknowledgements with expected ship dates are being received and emergencies (line down, stock out for critical processes) are being taken care of quickly.  Additionally, weekly updates on back orders are being sent. New orders are being shipped in one to three weeks depending on the manufacturing schedule.  As we receive updates, we will pass along.

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Metallized Film Genteq Capacitors Shelf Life- Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The shelf life of our Metallized Film AC and DC Capacitors is essentially infinite, if capacitors are stored unenergized in a non-corrosive environment and without damage at any temperature between -40C to +90C. Operating temperature is -40C to +70C.

Electrical characteristics are expected to remain stable for at least ten (10) years or longer.

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Panasonic To Discontinue Manufacturing Snap-in Type Capacitors- Monday, August 18, 2014

Panasonic has announced it will discontinue Manufacturing Aluminum Electrolytic Snap-in Type Capacitors with no replacement available.  Panasonic has been a global leader in manufacturing Snap-in Capacitors.  The Series' they are to discontinue are: U, UE, NH, NHE, NXA, EX, MC, UP, HA, HB, TU, NH, NHE, MD.

Capacitors in these series' made by Panasonic are NOT recommended for new designs.  If your company is currently using these capacitors R&J Components can offer you an alternate part made by Nichicon or Illinois Capacitor. Both of these companies manufacturer Snap-in Capacitors.  Please see the links below.

Nichicon -

Illinois Capacitor -

If you need to cross a Panasonic Snap-In Capacitor call R&J Components today, 631.234.3330

TE Connectivity Price Increase- Friday, June 20, 2014

TE Connectivity announed a price increase of 5%-20% affective July 1st for over 52,000 line items.

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Barker Microfarads (BMI) Crosses for Cornell Dubilier (CDE) Capacitors - Thursday, June 5, 2014

As many of you are aware, in April of 2014 Cornell Dubilier (CDE) issued a discontinuance notice for a number of their axial leaded aluminum electrolytic capacitor lines. The notice included last buys until August 31, 2014. Barker Microfarads (BMI) is also a manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and can offer equivalent axial leaded products that would replace many of these discontinued CDE parts.

The CDE product lines we are able to provide equivalents for are:

  • CDE Series 057 → BMI Series 601D
  • CDE Series 066 → BMI Series 53D
  • CDE Series 066X → BMI Series 53D
  • CDE Series 066R → BMI Series 601D
  • CDE Series 556 → BMI Series 30D
  • CDE Series TC → BMI Series 53D
  • CDE Series TCG → BMI Series 53D
  • CDE Series TCX → BMI Series 601D
  • CDE Series M39018/03 → BMI Series M39018/03

Raw materials are in place to quote and supply these parts at current lead times and we urge you to forward these type inquires to us accompanied by any relevant drawings or part specifications.

Mallory-Sonalert New Product Annoucement- Monday, June 2, 2014

Mallory-Sonalert has introduced six new buzzers to their blue MSR Series.  These models: MSR205NR, MSR205NSR, MSR205NJR, MSR205NJSR, MSR205NPR & MSR205NPSR, are rated 2-5 VDC and offer the loudest sound levels for their size. (The “S” in the part number signifies that the part is sealed and it can be exposed to an aqueos wash operation after being soldered.)  These products are used in applications such as, electronic instruments, meters, medical equipments, monitors, and portable industrial electronics.

Datasheet for MSR205 Series

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Illinois Capacitor Price Increase Announcement- Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This announcement is intended to provide 30 day notice that effective on June 23rd, 2014 that Illinois Capacitor will be having a price increase.  If you need to order any products please do so prior to the date listed above or you will be subject to this increase in pricing. 

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Eatons B-Line Price Increase Announcement- Friday, May 23, 2014

Driven by continued logistics, operational and material cost increases, Eaton’s B-Line Business will be implementing a price increase effective July 1, 2014, across all product lines. Although the amount of the increase may vary by item, list prices will increase an average of 3.5%. This increase will apply to all stock, special price agreements, blankets and new project quotes.

This announcement is intended to provide notice that all previous pricing currently in effect shall be replaced by the updated pricing as indicated for all orders received on or after July 1, 2014.

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Cooper B-Line Ordering Code- Friday, May 23, 2014

Cooper B-Line’s catalog numbering system for industrial and commercial enclosures and wireway is a logical, easy-to-use system. It was developed so our customers could easily order or find a Cooper B-Line catalog number. Referenced in each catalog number is the size, type designation, and style.

BLine Enclosure Ordering Information

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AVERY DENNISON RFID- Friday, May 23, 2014

When you choose Avery Dennison RFID, you get field-proven inlay products, advanced research and testing capabilities, experienced engineering and technical resources, and, most importantly, a partner with a deep understanding of what it takes to make your application successful.

When you choose Avery Dennison RFID, you get the benefit of our relationships with best-in-class chip and reader manufacturers, label and tag converters and systems integrators across the globe — to support the most challenging RFID projects.

When you choose Avery Dennison RFID, you get solutions to application challenges such as materials, environments and packaging.

Every day Avery Dennison RFID enables improvements in tracking, authentication, access and data capture applications such as:

  • Supply chain, inventory and logistics
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare
  • Library, media, documents and files
  • Contactless cards and tickets- Industrial and manufacturing
  • Brand protection and product authentication
  • Apparel and other item-level retail

And new applications emerge every day. One could be yours.


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Arlington's new, non-metallic enclosure boxes- Friday, May 16, 2014

Arlington's new, non-metallic enclosure boxes are the perfect solution to protecting and securing power backups, security devices and other valuable equipment – in a debris-free environment. Made of heavy-duty, UV rated, non-metallic material, they’re available in three convenient sizes:

  • 7" x 8" x 3.5"
  • 11" x 11" x 3.5"
  • 12" x 12" x 4"

For added security Arlington’s enclosure boxes are ‘lockable’ in a couple of ways. There’s a knockout on the front of the box for an optional cam lock. And a latch that accommodates a padlock.

Arlington's new, non-metallic enclosure box


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Arizona Capacitor Product Capabilities- Friday, May 16, 2014






Metalized Polyester

Metalized Polycarbonate

Combined Dielectrics




Metalized Polypropylene

Kraft Paper



Wrap & Fill

Ceramic Tubular

Rectangular Hermetic

Epoxy Dipped


Welded Case

Preformed Case


PVC Tublar


Tubular Hermetic

Glass Tubular



Impulse Generators

DC Filtering

R-C Networks

Ferro Resonant

Voltage Multiplier

Matched Sets


Spike Suppression

Pulse Discharge

H.I.D. Lighting

Power Supplies


Capacitance ranges from 50 pf to 5000 μF are available. Standard tolerance is ±10%, however, tolerances to ±.25% are available..


Voltage Ranges from 30 to 250 KVDC. AC voltages up to 50 KV and100 KHz are available.

Arizona Capacitor Cage Code 0TCV9

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Amphenol Connex - Low Pim Adapter- Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Amphenol Connex range of Low PIM adapters is ideal for wireless applications requiring consistent electrical performance, low return loss and low IMD.  These coaxial adapters feature precision machined brass bodies and contacts.  Bodies are plated with a tri-alloy plating known as white bronze or Nexcot and offers the same Low PIM performance as silver without fear of tarnishing.  Contacts are either white bronze or silver plated.

Amphenol Connex - Low Pim Adapters

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American Capacitor Corp Cross Reference- Monday, May 12, 2014

American Capacitor Cross Reference

American Capacitor Cross Reference

American Capacitor Cross Reference

American Capacitor Corp Ordering Code- Monday, May 12, 2014

American Capacitor Part Number Description

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Extech - MN35/MN36- Saturday, May 10, 2014

MN35/MN36 Digital Mini MultiMeters

Autoranging or Manual ranging multimeters with Temperature function

  • Large easy to read digital display
  • Type K Temperature measurements and Continuity and Diode tests
  • 1 year warranty
  • Includes holster with stand, Type K bead wire probe, battery, and test leads
  • MN35 (Manual Ranging/ 8 Functions)
  • 1.5V and 9V Battery test
  • MN36 (Autoranging/ 10 Functions)
  • AC Current, Capacitance and Frequency measurements

Extech MN35/MN36

Extech MN35/MN36 Spec

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Acme Electric Transformers- Saturday, May 10, 2014

Acme's product offering covers the full spectrum of applications, from commercial general power distribution and high harmonic conditions to specific industrial motor drive/factory automation systems, to low voltage landscape lighting applications. All Acme products are designed, constructed and rated in to meet or exceed the standards established by UL, CSA CE, NEMA, ANSI and IEEE.


  • Alternative Energy
  • Aerospace and Military
  • Industrial Controls
  • Medical Equipment
  • Off-Road/Commercial Vehicles and Equipment
  • Power Quality
Gardner Bender - New Repair Tape- Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Essential Silicone Protect & Repair Tape
Repair Tape, another innovation from Gardner Bender, can save the day during emergency repairs. Easier than heat-shrink, cleaner than plumbers’ putty, and more flexible than a vice grip, Repair Tape is a household necessity. Add it to the tool box, the workshop shelf, and the “junk-drawer” for emergency repairs and maintenance projects. Stretch, wrap, and protect or repair everything from leaky hoses, pipe insulation, electrical connections, tool handles, air ducts, and cord/rope ends.

Repair & Protect:
• On the Job
• Around the house
• In the Garage
• In the Workshop
• On a Camping Trip
• At the Gym
• In the Yard
• On the Boat
• In the Car




• Save Time: Use Repair Tape to hold irregular shapes instead of clamps or vice-grips. The non-adhesive formula leaves no sticky residue.
• Reduce Stress: A quick fix during emergency repairs, Repair Tape is waterproof, weatherproof, and air tight.
• Save Money: Insulate and protect around the house and minimize the need for emergency repairs.
• Reduce Hassle: Waterproof and insulate wire connections with no extra equipment or heat required.


• Non-Stick – Repair Tape fuses only to itself when applied under tension. No sticky residue remains on wrapped surfaces.
• Flexible - Operates and remains flexible from -60°F (-51°C) to 500°F (260°C).
• Strong – Stretches up to 300% its original length with 60 ppi tear strength.
• Durable – A permanent air & water tight seal, Repair Tape has excellent UV Resistance.
• Secure – Repair Tape begins to bond immediately on contact with itself. Repositioning is not recommended after 2 minutes of contact, and the bond is permanent within 24 hours.

 Gardner Bender Repair Tape

 Gardner Bender Repair Tape Specs

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Platt - Custom Cases- Friday, May 9, 2014

Experience and innovation makes Platt the leader – since 1921 – in the custom case industry. Platt’s product development team and experienced engineering staff have the knowledge to create a custom solution to fit your unique requirements. Leverage the expertise of our engineers to develop a solution for your branding, shipping, protection and organization needs.

Customized products

Branding and

Who uses Platt Custom Cases

• Custom molded, Guardsman

ATA 300 and sewn cases

• Molded-in logos

• Sales and Marketing reps

• Custom shipping containers

• Nameplates

• OEMs

• Custom foam

• Silk-screening

• Automotive

• Custom tool pallets and tool rolls

• Embroidery

• Entertainment

• Custom tool pallets and tool rolls


• Technicians



• Medical reps



• Trade show exhibitors



• Police, fire, medical and military



• Government agencies

Platt Custom cases 

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Dearborn Electronic Capacitors - Tantalum Cross Reference- Wednesday, May 7, 2014
AVX Mallory
Competitor Series Dearborn Series Competitor Series Dearborn Series
TAJ DCTC3 Vishay
TAN DCTS20 Competitor Series Dearborn Series
THJ DCTC21 93026 DST79
TWM DCT79 709D
134D DST79
Kemet 135D DCT79
Competitor Series Dearborn Series 735D DCT79E
T110 DCTS1 138D DCT9
T212 DCTS1M 738D
T140 DCTS23 152D DCTS23
T252 DCTS33 194D DTCR
T262 DCTS21 793D
T213 749DX DCTS1
T492 150D  
Dearborn Electronic Capacitors - QPL List- Friday, May 2, 2014

Qualified Parts List and Custom Mil Spec Capacitors

Military capacitors can be made out of a wide variety of different materials depending on the needs of the application. Different types of units that meet these requirements include:

  • military tantalum capacitor
  • solid tantalum capacitors
  • military mica capacitors
  • military film capacitors
  • wet tantalum capacitors
Specification: MIL-C-25 
Title: Capacitor, Fixed, Paper Dielectric, D.C., Hermetically Sealed in Metallic Cases 
Series CP53-55 
Manufacturer: Dearborn Electronics, Inc. (CAGE Code: 01884)
Specification: MIL-PRF-11693 
Title: Capacitor, Feed Through, Radio-Interference, Reduction, Hermetic, A.C./D.C. (Hermetically Sealed in Metal Cases)
Series CZ23-24, CZR23-24 
Manufacturer: Dearborn Electronics, Inc. (CAGE Code: 01884)
Specification: MIL-C-18312 
Title: Capacitor, Fixed, Metallized, (Paper, Paper-Plastic or Plastic Film) Dielectric, D.C. (Hermetically Sealed in Metal Cases)
Series CH09, CH12 
Manufacturer: Dearborn Electronics, Inc. (CAGE Code: 01884)
Specification: MIL-PRF-19978 
Title: Capacitor, Fixed, Plastic (or Paper-Plastic) Dielectric (Hermetically Sealed in Metal, Ceramic, or Glass Cases)
Series CQ05, CQ08-13, CQ20, CQ72, CQR09, CQR12-13, CQR19, CQR29, CQR32-33, CQR39, CQR42-44
Manufacturer: Dearborn Electronics, Inc. (CAGE Code: 01884)
Specification: MIL-PRF-39022  (Specification 01 02 08 10 12 13) 
Title: Capacitor, Fixed, Metallized, (Paper-Plastic or Plastic) Film Dielectric, A.C./D.C. (Hermetically Sealed in Metal or Ceramic Cases)
Series CHR09-10, CHR 12, CHR19, CHR26-27
Manufacturer: Dearborn Electronics, Inc. (CAGE Code: 01884) Series 859P, 820P
Manufacturer: Electronic Concepts, Inc. (CAGE Code: 50558)
Specification: MIL-PRF-55514 
Title: Capacitor, Fixed, Plastic (or Metallized Plastic) Dielectric, D.C., in Nonmetal Cases
Series CFR02, CFR05, CFR09, CFR13-15, CFR26-27, CFR29-30
Manufacturer: Dearborn Electronics, Inc. (CAGE Code: 01884) Series 735P, 710P, 846P, LP88
Manufacturer: Electronic Concepts, Inc. (CAGE Code: 50558) Series EMCFR05, EMCFR06
Specification: MIL-PRF-83421 
Series M83421  (CRH00-09, CRH11-13, CRH31-35)
Manufacturer: Electronic Concepts, Inc. (CAGE Code: 50558)
Manufacturer: Dearborn Electronics, Inc. (CAGE Code: 01884) 
(CHR 11-13 Sole Source)
Pomona - Jumper Test Leads and Terminal Jacks- Friday, May 2, 2014

Jumper Test Leads and Terminal Jacks for Nuclear Applications

Pomona two-part jumpers and connectors are helping nuclear power plants streamline testing procedures and improve human performance by providing a higher-level of quality, reliability and utility than what they were using before. By integrating a common set of connectors and a consistent color scheme into their procedures and peer check processes, plant technicians reduce the risk of placing jumpers on the wrong terminals and causing an event that could shut the plant down.

Models 73084, 73085, 73086, 73087, 73088

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Orion Fans- Thursday, May 1, 2014

Orion Fans manufactures a broad selection of AC fans, DC fans, blowers, fan trays and accessories to meet your specific application.


  • AC & DC Fans
  • AC & DC Blowers
  • Fan Trays
  • Smart Fans
  • Harsh Environment Fans
  • PDU's
  • Fan Accessories

Markets Servered

  • Aquariums/Nurseries
  • Automotive
  • Appliances
  • Computer/IT
  • Industrial
  • Medical and Laboratory
  • Telecommunications


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Hellermann Tyton Evo7 - TLC Technology- Wednesday, April 30, 2014

At the heart of the EVO 7 lies revolutionary, patent-pending Tension/Lock/Cut (TLC) technology that dramatically changes how cable ties are cut. The key is TLC’s ability to lock each tie in place at the desired tension prior to cutting. Because the tension is fixed at the trigger when squeezing begins, only a minimum of hand force and a shorter range of motion is required to cut through each tie. What’s more, there’s no jarring impact after the cut. Also, because each tie is cut at a consistent level of tension with less movement, there’s less wear on internal components, resulting in longer tool life.

With TLC Technology

  • No jarring impact
  • Clean, flush cut
  • Minimal hand force needed
  • No overstressing of cable tie


Want to select a specifi c level of tie tension for bundling? Simply rotate the tension knob to any of the easy-to-read, pre-set ension settings. Standard cable tie installation tools stretch the tie while cutting, causing the tie end to retract into the head, or leave a protruded edge. But with EVO 7, the tie is cut at precisely the tension you select for a clean, fl ush cut at the tie head – without overstressing the tie.


With TLC Technology, the patent-pending locking mechanism detects when the desired tension is met, and locks the tie in place prior to cutting. At that moment, all force applied to the trigger is directed to cutting the tie. That means the trigger only needs to be pulled far enough to cut the tie, reducing the range of motion and subsequent strain on the hand and arm.


Once the tie is locked in place, the tool operator needs only to advance the trigger enough to cut the tie. Since there is no dynamic tension (stretching) on the cable tie, all energy is focused on driving the blade through the tie, resulting in a clear, fl ush cut, time after time –  all with no jarring motion to the hand or arm.

Hellermann Tyton EVO7

Heyco - SunClamp Stainless Steel Cable Clamps- Wednesday, April 30, 2014
  • For clamping cable or tubing securely into place, especially in harsh environments.
  • Smooth "coined" clamp edges prevent damage to cable insulation.
  • Constructed from corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel.
  • Insulated parts are constructed from 304 stainless steel and coated with polyolefin, a thermoplastic co-polymer that provides a durable non-toxic, odorless coating that has very good low temperature flexibility and excellent electrical properties. This coating also has FDA food contact approval.
  • Not for use in a marine salt water environment. Heyco SunClamp Stainless Steel Cable Clamp
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Belden - Cat 7 Railway Approved Ethernet Data Cable- Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Belden’s new railway approved high temperature Cat 7 Ethernet data cable extends the RailTuff range of reliable data communication products for the transportation sector.  The new RailTuff BE43802, a Cat 7 Ethernet data cable designed specifically for the passenger railway market, integrates network communications, passenger safety and operational efficiency signal transmissions.

Train builders and designers are now specifying data networks that can support increased bandwidth and data transfer rates in order to future-proof passenger and operator service systems. The new cable is designed for the transmission of data and signals using Ethernet technology, for on-board applications; effectively future proofing the on board Ethernet backbone and enabling compliance with the new series of IEC standards; IEC EN 61375 “Train Communication Network (TCN)” and IEC EN 62580 “On-board Multimedia and Telematic Subsystems for Railways”.

Key areas of application include:

  • Train Consist Network (TCN)
  • Passenger information and entertainment
  • Multimedia Services
  • Security and surveillance
  • Train diagnostics
  • Fare collection and ticketing
  • Communications Based Train Control (CBTC)

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Capacitor Industries - Applications - Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Capacitors manufactured by Capacitors Industries include brands such as; Motor Capacitors, Inc., Chicago Condenser Corporation, and SEI Capacitors, Inc.  These capacitors are used in a wide variety of applications.

  • Appliances
  • Strobe Lighting
  • Tanning Beds
  • Power Supplies   
  • Broadcasting
  • Water Pumps 
  • Exercise Equipment 
  • Scientific Apparatus 
  • Power Conditioning  
  • Research

Within these Industries and Products, our capacitors are used as:

  • Motor Run 
  • Noise Suppression  
  • Energy Storage 
  • Coupling
  • Timing 
  • Motor Start
  • Filtering
  • Pulse Discharge
  • Bypass
  • Voltage Multiplier 
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Magnecraft Ice Cube Power Relays Competitive Comparison- Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Differentiated Features & Benefits:

  • Gold Flashed Contacts - Prevents premature oxidation and increases shelf-life.
  • Contact Rating - Higher contact rating expands range of potential applications.
  • Lock-Down Door - Allows operator to manually override the system.
  • Flag Indicator - Verifies mechanical operation is following control inputs.
  • UL Listed - Eliminates the need for customers to self-certifytheir electrical system.
  • Relay Adapters - Reduces cost by eliminating the need for a socket and/or a DIN rail.
  • Complete System Solution - Accessories include Socket Modules, Hold-down Clips, & Relay Adapters.

Magnecraft Ice Cube Power Relays Competitive Comparison

High Energy Corp - HT Series- Friday, April 25, 2014

HT Series Ceramic Capacitors are small, RF-capable, Class1 parts featuring high Voltage, Current and Power ratings. They exhibit a low dissipation factor and minimum self-inductance.  These extremely rugged capacitors are carefully designed to live in the demanding world of broadcast and high-voltage industrial application.  Their structure is both simple and robust, assuring a long trouble free life.  HT Series parts feature a nonconductive, humidity-resistant, coating and a long flashover path.  They are build upon a choice of six Class I dielectrics, providing a broad range of capacitance and temperature coefficients.  Typical applications include transmitters, antennas, induction heating, X-ray, diathermy and welding.

Genteq Capacitors- Friday, April 25, 2014

R&J Components is an authorized distributor for Genteq capacitors.(formerly GE capaciotrs)   They offer an extensive line of capacitors such as: Oil-Filled, Motor Run, HID Lighting, General Purpose, Dry: Motor Run, Motor Start, HID Lighting, Electrolytic: Screw Terminal, and Snap-In.

These capacitors are used in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Refrigeration, HVAC, Hermetic, Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Lighting (high intensity), Manufacturing, Medical, Oil and Gas, Pool and Spa, Power Systems, Transportation, Uninterruptable Power Supplies, Power, Factor Correction, Power Conditioning, Welding Machines, Appliances, Air Compressors, Elevators / Escalators, Wind, Energy, ATM Machines, ECM Motors ,Drives (Elevators, Escalators, Wind Energy, UPS Systems, and Power Conditioning.

We have the experience to offer equals or crosses to the value you are looking for, that may not be available, or has a long lead time.

Marco Manufacturing – Military Terminal Blocks- Friday, April 25, 2014

With the introduction of Marco’s Thermoplastic Single and Double Row Closed Back Terminal Blocks, Marco has become one of the most relied upon sources of Military and Commercial Barrier-Type Terminal Blocks.

Military Terminal Blocks have the same construction features as commercial variety and are available in materials type GPT-30F per MIL-M-24519, color gray, and are designated to Military Specifications MIL-T-55164/C Class B. 

Commercial (UL-CSA) as well as Military approvals (MIL-T-55164/C) are held by all Marco Terminal Blocks

Military Series MIL-T-55164

  • 37TB, 38TB, Class B
  • 40TB, 41TB, Class B
  • 37TB, 38TB, 39TB Class F
  • 40TB, 41TB, 42TB Class F
  • 3TB, 4TB, 6TB, 7TB, 8TB, 9TB Navy Class
  • 10TB, 15TB, 16TB, 17TB, 25TB, 26TB Navy Class
  • Military Marker Strips
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Nichicon – New Film Capacitor for Power Electronics – ER Series- Friday, April 25, 2014

Nichicon releases a new Film Capacitor for Power Electronics called the ER Series.  This Dry type DC Filter Capacitor is maintenance free and is currently the smallest of it’s size in the industry*. This capacitor can be used for indoor or outdoor applications when used in an enclosed environment. (*Based on Nichicon research, Oct. 2013)


  • Oil less for better environment
  • Resin-molded type with safety mechanism (Aluminum Case)
  • Maintenance-free (Long life, high reliability)


  • Industrial equipment
  • Inverter smoothing circuit
  • Railway-car
  • Motor control devices
  • Power conversion equipment
  • Wind & Solar power systems

Nichicon ER Series

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Volex- Friday, April 25, 2014

Volex is a leading provider of interconnect solutions and power products. Voles has served the telecommunications, datacoms / data-centre, industrial, consumer and medical market for over 100 years.

Volex's range of interconnect solutions include original-design fibre-optic, high-speed copper and radio frequency (RF) cable assemblies With design and manufacturing facilities across the globe, Volex has the flexibility to meet time your deadline at competitive pricing.

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Binding Posts Manufactured by Abbatron (HH Smith)- Friday, April 25, 2014

A binding post is a versatile connector that allows a temporary or semi-permanent connection between electronic devices or circuits.

The contact surface clamp washer, against which the wire or lug is clamped by the head, is an integral part of the stud and not a force-fitted separate washer.  This avoids possible electrolytic corrosion across the mating faces due to current through the interface and subsequent increase in noise, galvanic EMF and resistance.  The cross-hole is drilled at right angles to a key-flat on the clamp washer in the screw machine, assuring absolute angular alignment of the finished post to the keyed flat in the instrument panel. Press-on base washers can have a much as five or ten degrees of angular misalignment.

The behind-panel backup insulting washer is made of solid plastic, which reduces cost and increases insulation from flashover voltage of the post.

A flat metal washer is provides as a bearing surface for the nut against the backup washer.  This washer can be used without the insulating backup washer, if it is desired, to ground the post to the panel.

Styles of Binding Posts  Abbatron Binding Post Numbers Competitors
Insulated Binding Posts 257 1464 18351 Keystone Electronics
Miniature Binding Posts 269 1477 83718 Concord Electronics
Metal Binding Posts 459 1480 39280 Emerson (Johnson)
Dual Binding Posts 799 14821 22803 Superior
Spring Loaded Binding Posts 899 514 2804 Multi-Contact
Knob Type Binding Posts 1275 1517 2809 Fluke (Pomona)
1463 1810 27133

Switchcraft - NEW EN3 Series Sealed Waterproof Connectors- Friday, April 25, 2014


  • Sealed to IP68 NEMA 250 (6P)
  • Patented grommet & o-ring free design
  • Available in ribbed or winged coupling ring
  • Cable, panel & cable to cable options
  • Gold plated contacts standard
  • Solder, crimp & PC contact options
  • Straight & right angle PC contact panel connectors


  • Any sealed data transmission
  • Military or industrial GPS location devices
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical data carts
  • Marine Applications
  • Transportation
  • General industrial electronic applications

Switchcraft EN3 Sealed Waterproof Connectors

Hakko FX-888 Soldering Station- Friday, April 25, 2014

The Hakko FX-888 is an inexpensive but durable temperature adjustable soldering station that provides more power and takes up less workbench space than its predecessor, the Hakko 936.

The added power of the Hakko FX-888 provides up to a 30% increase in operator productivity due to the increased thermal performance and faster thermal recovery time. Today, workbench space is at a premium, and the FX-888 uses approximately 35% less surface area compared to the Hakko 936.


  • Adjustable temperature control with lock/set screw
  • Temperature range of 200-480°C (392-896°F)
  • Maintains an idle temperature within ±1°C (1.8°F)
  • Ceramic heating element and sensor ensure rapid heat-up temperature and fast thermal recovery
  • Dial display shows °C or °F
  • Temperature adjusted by simply turning the dial
  • Slender iron handles are padded and have an ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use
  • Wide selection of tips available for soldering SMD and through-hole applications
Hakko FX-888D
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ATC - Military QPL Approved Products- Friday, April 25, 2014

ATC is a QPL Approved Supplier for MIL-PRF-55681/4 and /5 products. The Military Products Manual covers the general requirements for established reliability fixed, multilayer, unencapsulated, monolithic porcelain and ceramic dielectric capacitors.

Military QPL Approved Products

  • ATC CDR Military Products are QPL approved to MIL-PRF-55681
  • ATC Porcelain and Ceramic Multilayer Capacitors:
    • High capacitance values available
    • Tighter tolerances

ATC offers military approved high frequency BP characteristic (NPO), fixed ceramic chip capacitors in standard EIA sizes. This offering consists of 0402, 0603 and 0805 industry standard case sizes in accordance with DSCC Drawings 05003, 05002 and 05001 respectively. This product is offered in several tested grades. The standard offering is supplied with Group A inspection per MIL-PRF-55681.

ATC RF/Microwave Capacitors QPL Mil-PFR-55681/4 and 5

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Littelfuse - DMSMS Discontinued Parts- Friday, April 25, 2014
0327005.ZXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO2 5A X1-D-14-0493
0327010.ZXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO2 10A X1-D-14-0493
0327015.ZXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO2 15A X1-D-14-0493
0327020.ZXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 FUSE,INCLOSED X1-D-14-0493
0327025.ZXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO2 25A X1-D-14-0493
0327030.ZXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO2 30A X1-D-14-0493
032707.5ZXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO2 7.5A X1-D-14-0493
0337005.PXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO3 5A X1-D-14-0493
0337010.PXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO3 10A X1-D-14-0493
0337015.PXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO3 15A X1-D-14-0493
033707.5PXS 75915 LITTELFUSE, INC. 1-Jun-14 MICRO3 7.5A X1-D-14-0493
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Sofasco Fans- Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sofasco International designs and manufactures CE certified AC & DC axial fans, blowers, centrifugal & cross flow fans for electronic cooling applications. Established in 1981, the company maintains factories in Taipei and Kaohsiung Taiwan; Ningbo, ShenZhen and Guangdong Province, China; as well as Hong Kong, SAR and Korea


  • Computer manufacturing sector
  • Railcar and bus manufacturers
  • Commercial and general aviation OEM’s
  • Medical equipment manufacturers
  • Hospital operating facilities
  • Food processing industry
  • HVAC
  • Electrical & electronic OEM’s
  • Photovoltaic industry
  • Military, aviation and aerospace
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New products from Speco Technologies- Thursday, April 24, 2014

O2MB1 Full HD 1080p 2MP Indoor Mini-Bullet IP Camera 3.7mm fixed lens, dark grey housing

  • Separate camera and encoder units allow for flexibility and easy placement
  • Supports up to Full HD 1080p @ 30fps
  • Built-in standard PoE (IEEE 802.3af)
  • Wide dynamic range (WDR) operation
  • Supports H.264 and MJPEG codecs
  • 2-way audio communication
  • Micro SD card slot (card not included)
  • ONVIF Profile S listed
  • 2 year warranty

O5MDP1 5MP 360 degree Panoramic Indoor/Outdoor Mini-Dome IP Camera

5MP 360 degree Panoramic Indoor/Outdoor Miniature Dome IP Camera

  • 360 degree field of view - built-in 360 degree panomorph - ImmerVision Enables certified lens 
  • Various panoramic viewing features
  • 5MP resolution
  • Built-in standard PoE (IEEE 802.3af)
  • Supports H.264 and MJPEG codecs
  • 2-way audio communication
  • Micro SD card slot (card not included)
  • IP66 compliant
  • ONVIF Profile S listed
  • 2 year warranty

O2B5 Full HD 1080p 2MPIndoor/Outdoor Bullet IP Camera

  • 1080p resolution at 30fps
  • WDR
  • True day/night (IR cut filter)
  • IR LEDs
  • 2-way audio
  • Sensor input
  • 3.7mm lens
  • PoE
  • Micro SD card slot
  • IP66 compliant
  • ONVIF Profile S listed
  • Plug and play functionality with NS/NSP


ASC Capacitor Part Numbering System- Thursday, April 24, 2014

The ASC Capacitor parts are numbered by Type Number, Case/Lead Style, Capacitance Value, Capacitance Tolerance, and Voltage. See the example below to create a part number.

X 6 63 F .01 10% 100VDC
| | | | | | |
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1: Indicates a metallized material (no "X" indicates a film/foil construction.)

2: Indicates the dielectric material.

  • 3: Polypropylene
  • 4: Polycarbonate
  • 5: Ceramic
  • 6: Polyester

3: Indicates the "series type."

4: Additional information, if needed, regarding the configuration of the component. Some examples are below.

  • S: Special lead configuration, see product types for definition
  • L: Special lead configuration, see product types for definition
  • F: Flattened body
  • R: Tape and Reel per EIA RS296 or EIA RS468

5: Capacitance in MFD, spelled out.

6: Tolerance, spelled out.

7: Voltage, spelled out.


  1. Type: X300
  2. Capacitance: 1.0
  3. Tolerance: ±10%
  4. Voltage: 200VDC

Part Number: X300 1-10-200

  1. Type: X382
  2. Fill Material: Oil
  3. Capacitance: 3 x 200
  4. Tolerance: ±5%
  5. Voltage: 240VDC

Part Number: X382O 3X200-5-240

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FIT® Heat-Shrink Tubing- Thursday, April 24, 2014

FIT heat-shrink tubing offers a reliable way to protect and seal terminations, while adding additional mechanical ruggedness. The Alpha Wire FIT line consists of a wide range of general-purpose and special purpose styles, materials, and tubing types, each having unique attributes that provide solutions for use in the broadest possible range of applications and environments.

Made from premium compounds under the tightest manufacturing controls, FIT will consistently have excellent physical characteristics.

  • • 2:1 to 6:1 shrink ratios
  • • Irradiated or crosslinked materials
  • • Low longitudinal shrinkage
  • • Wide temperature range
  • • Chemical and solvent resistant
  • • Choice of standard and custom colors
  • • Unlined and adhesive lined
Littelfuse Fuse Products Traditional Part Numbering System- Thursday, April 24, 2014

Product Series Code

Example: 437 series fuse is “0437”

Ampere Rating Code

Decimal is to far right for whole number amp ratings, to far left for ratings less than one, and within center for fractional amp ratings.

Examples: 10A fuse is “010.” 1/4A or 0.25A fuse is “.250” 1 1/2A or 1.5A fuse is   “01.5” 1 1/4A or 1.25A fuse is “1.25”

Packaging Type *   

A Ammo packed B Bubble packed C Chip packed R Reeled X Filler

Packaging Quantity Code *

A/X 1 V 5 T 10 S 20 L 50 H 100 F 200 G 250 U 500 M 1000 D 1500 P 2000 E 2500 W 3000 Y 4000 N 5000 K 10000 J 12000 Z Misc.

Options Codes *

RT1 Reel and Tape, 2.062in (52.4mm) lead spacing RT2 Reel and Tape, 2.50 in (63.5mm) lead spacing RT3 Reel and Tape, 2.874 in (73mm) lead spacing E Pigtail lead type fuse ID Indicating fuse L RoHS compliant P Lead-free

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Littelfuse SPF Solar Protection Fuse series- Thursday, April 24, 2014

The SPF Solar Protection Fuse series has been specifically designed for the protection of photovoltaic (PV) systems. This series of Midget style fuses (10 x 38 mm) can safely protect PV modules and conductors from reverseovercurrent conditions.  As PV systems have grown in size, so have the corresponding voltage requirements. This increase in system voltage has typically been intended to minimize power loss associated with long conductor runs. Standard circuit protection devices are not designed to completely protect photovoltaic panels. However, the SPF series is UL Listed to safely interrupt faulted circuits up to this demanding voltage level.


  • Meets UL, IEC and VDE photovoltaic standards
  • UL 2579 Listed 1000 Vdc maximum
  • 1-30 A ratings available
  • 20,000 A Interrupting Rating
  • Both PCB mount and dead-front holder options available


  • Inverters
  • Combiner boxes
  • Battery charge controllers

Recommended Fuse Holders

  • Littelfuse LPHV POWR-Safe Series
  • Littelfuse LFPHV POWR-Safe Indicating Series
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Sprague-Goodman Part Numbering System- Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Sprague-Goodman parts are numbered by Dielectric, Form Factor, Cap Code, and Modifications. Take the example of GXA9R000, a plastic capacitor. The part number is divided into four important categories:

GX A 9R0 00
| | | |
Dielectric Form Factor Cap Code Modifications


The advantages and disadvantages of the various dielectrics are detailed above. Use the dropdown menus below to identify which part numbers signify which dielectrics.

Form Factor:

The form factor refers to the physical dimensions of the trimmer cap, as well as the placement of the adjusting screw (Top/Bottom or Side). If only a single digit is written then the capacitor has square dimensions. “8 mm” for example refers to “8x8 mm.”

Cap Code:

The cap code is a three digit number that identifies the capacitance of a capacitor. The first two digits are significant, and the third digit is the number of trailing zeroes. For example, 202 would be 2000 pF. An R indicates a decimal point, so 1R6 = 1.6 pF.


Various modifications that can for example, change the number or positioning of the leads. More information can be provided in the Sprague-Goodman catalogs.

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Sprague-Goodman Product Lines- Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Multiturn PTFE Dielectric Trimmer Capacitors

These capacitors combine the outstanding electrical properties of PTFE with nonferrous metal parts to provide high Q, high DWV, high IR, excellent conductivity, corrosion resistance, high resolution, and excellent stability. They are used on industrial and commercial grade equipment.

Filmtrim Plastic Dielectric Capacitors

These capacitors are used on industrial, commercial and consumer grade equipment. These include mobile radios, transmitters, pagers, instruments, electronic games, CATV, and wireless security and fire alarms. They come in a variety of capacitance ranges, sizes, and dielectrics. There are many modifications available, and the cost for commercial/industrial application is low.

Glass PISTONCAP Precision Trimmers

Glass capacitors give very high Q and stability, and they are very resistant to external pressures such as moisture and vibration. There are three dielectrics. The standard glass is least expensive and will suit most applications. If a greater Q or higher capacitance is required, then the more expensive high-range glass would be advisable. For applications involving moderate RF currents, fused quartz is used. Quartz trimmers are about three times more expensive than standard glass trimmers. There are many possible variations on the glass trimmers, with a choice between sealed or unsealed, and a possibility of an expanded range model. Used on military and professional grade equipment.

Microwave Sapphire PISTONCAP® Trimmer Capacitors

Sapphire trimmers have very high Q at UHF and microwave frequencies, and are extremely stable over temperature, frequency, voltage, etc. They are also very small, and they can be very precisely adjusted. However, these capacitors are also very expensive. They are used on military and professional grade equipment. They are frequently used in stable oscillators, frequency multipliers, filters, tuning cavities, and coupling.

Mica Dielectric Compression Trimmer Capacitors

Mica capacitors have high Q, large capacitance ranges, and very good RF current handling capability. They are used on industrial, commercial and consumer grade equipment carrying RF power and/or requiring high capacitance. There are many forms and mounting styles available. The part numbering system differs slightly from the other trimmer capacitors in that there are five categories, with the mounting styles and size identified separately.

Ceramic Dielectric Trimmers

These capacitors are used on industrial, commercial and consumer grade equipment. While they may not be as stable or efficient as some of the other dielectrics, they are very low cost and have a wide selection of capacitance ranges.

Amphenol RF, the inventor of the BNC, introduces the High Density BNC family of connectors.- Wednesday, April 23, 2014

HD-BNC delivers TRUE 75 Ohm performance in a footprint 51% smaller than traditional BNC connectors, allowing 4X the density. Engineered to enhance electrical and mechanical performance, the HD-BNC connector features the trusted, push and turn interface of a traditional BNC, providing tactile feedback and a positive lock for quick and guaranteed mating. 

Using the same cable prep and termination specifications of legacy broadcast connectors makes adopting HD-BNC seamless. 


Digital A/V cards or Routing Systems

• Increased density hence room for vemtilation

• Stack more cards in less rack space

• PCB solutions to maintain signal integrity for 3 Gbps+ applications

• SFPs with HD-BNCs

Mobile Broadcast

• Mechanically robust and reliable interface

• Trusted positive locking mechanism

• Lowers equipment weight

Studio Integration

• 3 Gbps+ signal for the distance over 190 m

• Same stripping and termination tools

• Patch panel solutions with HD-BNCs

• Availability of Installation and removal tool

• HD-BNC plug for 1694A type cables

Broadcast Cameras

• High Density without compromising signal integrity

• Helps reduces the equipment size and cost

• CCTV Market

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Switchcraft/Conxall's New Product - Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Conxall has announced the latest in their Data-Con-X family of products, the sealed HDMI connector series. They are excellent for a variety of applications. Features and benefits include:
  • Sealed to IP67 & IP68 NEMA 250 (6P) (when panel connector is rear mounted and mated to the cable)
  • Feed-thru termination on the panel for easy field installation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quick connect bayonet or threaded style interface
  • RoHS Compliant - UV F1 rated housing
  • Any sealed data transmission
  • Military or industrial GPS location devices
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical data carts
  • Data acquisition units
  • General industrial electronic applications
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Please note the following American Hakko products are being discontinued:
PB343 –  HAKKO FR860-02x Large Preheat Plate
PB344 – 999-191 Replacement Motor for the HAKKO HJ3100 Fume Extraction System
Techspray New Product intro - Fine-L-Kote High Viscosity AR conformal coating- Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Fine-L-Kote High Viscosity AR (part #2151) is an innovative acrylic conformal coating that gives PCB assemblers a wider process window and greater flexibility in their coating operation. High viscosity allows operators to use as-is for dipping, or to thin down for spray systems. This coating is tested and approved in the most popular selective spray systems, both atomized and airless models. Designed with high solids content to maximize coating thickness and reduce production time.

Fine-L-Kote High Viscosity AR is a great addition to Techspray's Turbo-Coat acrylic coating line. Turbo-Coat offers the advantages of incredibly fast cure time and now toxicity, while our new coating is ideal for increasing coating thickness and reducing material cost. 


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Techspray New Product intro - Eco-dFluxer SMT200 & SMT300 inline & batch defluxers- Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The Techspray Renew Eco-dFluxer product series includes water-based, environmentally friendly defluxers designed to work in both inline and batch cleaning equipment.

New Eco-dFluxer SMT200 (part #1520) has great metals compatibility, preventing oxidation and leaving shiny solder joints. Eco-friendly formula reduces shipping and disposal costs. Effective with reduced concentration even on the toughest no-clean, R, RMA, OA and new halide-free fluxes.

New Eco-dFluxer SMT300 (part #1530) is a powerful defluxer that is also safe on sensitive metals found in semicon wire-bonding. Safe, eco-friendly formula. Effective on no-clean, R, RMA, OA fluxes and new halide-free fluxes.

High performance cleaning gives you brilliant solder joints and allows you to increase dilution, increase line speeds, reduce waste water, decrease cost per board, and most importantly... eliminate field failures due to ionic contamination!


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Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 connector- Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Neutrik as announced the addition of a new lockable device connector called the powerCON TRUE1 connector.  This product is UL and VDE certified, single-phase system is designed for 16 A, 250 V.  The TRUE1 as been designed with an integrated twist-lock that can’t be opened without a tool.  PowerCON TRUE1 is a complete system including inlet and outlet couplers for easy daisy-chaining of equipment and a water resistant ready-made cord sets (IP65).

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CSB Battery - UPS Series- Tuesday, April 22, 2014

R&J Components is pleased to announce the addition of the CSB Battery Line. CSB Battery manufacturers VRLA batteries for UPS, telecommunications, emergency lighting, and security applications. Their UPS series UPS122406, UPS123607, UPS12460, & UPS12580 are latest in wafer-thin plate technology. They provide optimum high-rate performance, while being lightweight and small.

TE Connectivity Introduced Alcoswitch Blue Series Pushbutton- Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The new ALCOSWITCH Blue Series pushbutton is based on an innovative snap-action mechanism that produces an extremely fast switching moment. This high level of dynamics not only reduces arcing and bounce but it also results in a high number of duty cycles. The new series comprises versions with SPDT and DPDT configurations and can be ordered with push on / push off or momentary function. The actuator cap of the push-button switch is available in many colors and sizes.

Konform Conformal Coatings- Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Konform® Conformal Coatings are used to protect printed circuit boards, components and flex circuitry. These coatings provide excellent electrical insulation and withstand hot  and cold operating environments, as well as heat generated by electronic circuitry. Formulated to protect components and circuits in the most demanding of environments, all Konform® conformal coatings contain a UV indicator for easy quality assurance. These tough, transparent coatings will not fragment, chip or crack, thereby providing excellent protection. All are convenient and ready to use. So, stress less with Konform!

Chemtronics Konform

Electrocube Film Capacitors- Thursday, April 3, 2014

Electrocube Film Capacitors

Precision film capacitors are passive electrical components that consist of two metal electrodes/plates separated by a dielectric (insulator) in order to store electrical energy. Electrocube designs, manufacturers and sells precision-wrap and fill, oval/round/flat and epoxy case/hermetically-sealed capacitors. Since 1961, Electrocube has been manufacturing and assembling Film Capacitors here in the United States . As an industry leader, their commitment to quality and reliability is unmatched in the industry. Their high-voltage capacitors - miniature wrap and fill capacitors - blend high-performance with longevity and durability.

Film Capacitors

Electrocube also offers a line of audio-optimized film capacitors specially designed and optimized for the high-end audio industry. Whether for professional, commercial, stage or studio applications, these film capacitors are preferred by audio engineers for their high grade materials and proprietary design and manufacturing processes.


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2420 Series Foot Switch by Marquardt- Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Product Announcement for Marquardt

Marquardt is please to announce that our foot switch family is being extended with another product. The new 2420 series is specially designed for applications in harsh environments. As with the existing Marquardt foot switch series, the loads are switched with snap action switches. In the new switch series, these snap action switches are totally encapsulated so that a protection degree up to IP 65 and IP 67 (dust- and water protected).

 This new feature improves the already high reliability of the standard foot switch offered by Marquardt with an enormous spectrum of possible electrical ratings from low voltage (max. 300 mW) with gold contacts up to 16 (8) A 250 VAC or even higher on demand.   The 2420 series has a high life endurance of more than 2,000,000 cycles mechanically that guarantees high reliability. A modular design allows many different versions with regard to switching functions, loads, preassembled cables with optional colors. Even customer specific logos can be captured on the switch surface.  Additionally, the base foot switch can be equipped with a protection hood for user safety. With this hood feature, the switch is ready for heavy-duty environments.


  • Protected against dust and water (IP 65 / IP 67)
  • Snap-action switching system based on our years of proven reliability
  • Compact design with clearly discernable tactile feedback
  • Robust and anti-slip, screw holes for mounting to the floor (optional)
  • Versions for low DC signal currents up to ratings of 16 A 250 V AC
  • Wide range of switching functions, with and without cables
  • Rocker available in different colors, can be printed to customer specifications
  • 2420 Series Foot Switch


  • Medical
  • Laboratory
  • Office
  • Industry
  • Music
  • Light
  • CCTV
  • Material Handling
  • Conveyor Technology
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