Techspray Move to New Facility

We received a letter from Techspray providing an updated status on their recent move to the new facility in Kennesaw, Georgia.  First off, they would like to extend their apologies for the “frustration and anguish due to a lack of communication” with the move.

The transfer to a new facility, combined with a SAP software conversion, led to a “tidal wave” of problems. Losing key employees, hiring, and training added to the disaster.

A problem we are all experiencing is the lack of response to shipment status questions. Finally, order acknowledgements with expected ship dates are being received and emergencies (line down, stock out for critical processes) are being taken care of quickly.  Additionally, weekly updates on back orders are being sent. New orders are being shipped in one to three weeks depending on the manufacturing schedule.  As we receive updates, we will pass along.

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