Microchip Leadtimes - Letter from the CEO

"I am writing this letter to advise you of current business conditions and the effect it is having on our lead times. The business environment is good, and we see strength in many of our end markets including industrial, automotive, housing, consumer electronics and personal computing.  We are also seeing exceptional strength in some of our new products and technologies, which are growing at double digit percentages sequentially.  As a result, many of our product delivery lead times have stretched out and we are selectively capacity constrained in our wafer fab, wafer sort, assembly, and test operations, particularly on these new products and technologies. Many of our product lead times are currently between 6 weeks and 18 weeks.  We are ramping all of our factories as quickly as we can, yet are limited by our suppliers’ lead times.  We have increased our capital expenditures for current fiscal year from $125 million to $175 million, the highest in over a decade.Thank you for your business. "

-Steve Sanghi President and CEO Microchip Technology Inc


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