Illinois Capacitor Offers Custom Supercapacitor Modules - Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Illinois Capacitor Supercapacitor (EDLC) Modules expand power storage options with greater capacitance and voltage options!
  • Virtually unlimited capacitance and voltage ratings
  • Temperature ratings to match your needs
  • Operating Life = Up to 10 years with 500,000 cycles
  • Active or passive balancing
  • Fully customizable
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Power Connectors /Jones plugs/Sockets- Friday, May 22, 2015


Power connectors are reliable with the ability to support high current and when  mating and unmating are required, all at an affordable price.


They are manufactured by Cinch. They were also made by Vernitron Beau who was acquired by Molex. 

 Applications include:

 Data Processing Controls

 Medical Equipment

 Industrial Controls

 Communication Equipment.

 Amusement and vending machines


These connectors are offered in two series 300 and 2400 with a variety of cable and panel mounting options.


300 series: current rated at 10 amps                                                        

                    Voltage: 250VAC

                    Sizes 2 to 33 contacts

                    Polarized to prevent incorrect insertion

                    Used in light and medium applications

                    Beau equivalent series is 3300

                    Part # example:  Cinch P-308-CCT = Beau P-3308-CCT


2400 Series: current rated at 15 amps

                     Voltage: 250VAC

                     Sizes 2 to 12 contacts

                     Polarized to prevent incorrect insertion

                     Used in medium applications

                     Beau equivalent series is 5400

                     Part # Example Cinch S-2404-DB = Beau S-5404-DB


Note:  Beau also made a Series 4400/ 15 amp that can be installed from the back of the panel or chassis. It is compatible with series 2400 and 400 style connectors.


Standard Radio has over 200,000 of these versatile connectors in stock. They are offered in several mounting configurations.

IE:  AB angle bracket

       LAB less angle bracket

       DB deep bracket

       SB shallow bracket

       FP flush plate

       CCT cable clamp top

       CCE cable clamp end

We are authorized to buy Cinch products, and we can offer both Rohs and Non-Rohs p#’s

Whatever your applications, please call us with your requirements and we will promptly meet your needs.  With over 67yrs of experience we will send you the right part at the right price.

Heyco's New Power Cords- Friday, May 15, 2015

Heyco Products now offers HEYlock Locking IEC Power Cords. The Power Cords eliminate accidental and vibration disconnects and are universally compatible - no mating plug or receptacle required!  They are designed for retrofit as a plug and play replacement for existing power cords and available in Universal C13 to C14 and C13 to 5-15P. 

For more information about HEYlock Locking IEC Power Cords, please click here. 

Interested in this product? We encourage you to read about Heyco's Modular Connector System and visit the Heyco Specialty Power Cord section of their website
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SE Relays (Magnecraft) Price Increase - Friday, May 15, 2015

SE Relays (Magnecraft) has announced a price increase for June 1, 2015.

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Alpha Wire Adds New Product to EcoGen Family- Friday, May 15, 2015
EcoFlex Pur is the newest addition to Alpha's recyclable EcoGen line.  It is a 600V ZH Pur cable with mPPE inners and significant size and weight savings, as well as the high quality you are accustomed to with EcoGen. 
The EcoFlex Pur is suitable for: machine tools, outdoor applications, mining, industrial machinery, construction machinery, agricultural equipment and assembly & production lines. 
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Illinois Capacitor Offers Axial-Leaded Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors- Wednesday, April 22, 2015

High Performance, Long Life and Small Package Size
Perfect for Low-Profile designs!

  • Standard Values: 0.47µF to 22,000µF
  • Voltage Range: 6.3 to 450 WVDC
  • High Ripple Current Ratings
  • Compact and RoHS compliant.
  • Load Life Rating: 2,000 hrs @ 85°C and 1,000 hrs @ 105°C

Applications: General purpose filtering, audio coupling and cross-overs, DC blocking and much more!

Available Axial-Leaded Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
(Click on series for parametric search)
  • TTA Series: General Purpose +85°C rated at 2,000 hours.
  • TMA Series: General Purpose Extended Life +105°C at 2,000 hours.
  • TLS Series: Low Leakage +85°C rated at 2,000 hours.
  • BPA Series: Bi-Polar/Non-Polar +85°C rated at 2,000 hours.

METALIZED OR FILM-FOIL CAPACITOR?- Saturday, February 28, 2015

Film Capacitors come in two standard designs, a film-foil combination where plastic or paper films are interleaved with metal foils that serve as electrodes, or as a Metalized construction where film has aluminum or zinc deposited in it to serve as the electrodes.

Metalized film capacitors show there advantages where smaller applications are needed due to their smaller size and lower weight. Metalized capacitors also have a built in “healing” property where in the case of voltage stress the film will clear itself and heal the point of damage. Due to this “healing” property most metalized film capacitors are tolerant of overvoltage.

Circuits which require high currents may need a film-foil combination capacitor. The heavy foil of this combination offers low electrical resistance and excellent thermal dissipation preventing internal hot spots and optimizing the circuit efficiency.

Impregnated capacitors are recommended for high voltage circuits where corona may be a problem. Wax is suitable for a lower temperature application. For higher temperature application oil is a suitable impregnant. These capacitors can be either metalized or film-foil combination. Also, series wound units are used to prevent corona.

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San-tron 7/16s Are The Answer When Every dB Counts.- Tuesday, February 24, 2015

San-tron 7/16s Are The Answer When Every dB Counts.
Innovative design and meticulous machining make San-tron 7/16s the only choice for critical signal transmissions. Made of the highest quality materials to ensure the best performance in even the harshest environments, they consistently deliver passive intermodulation performance as good as -175 dBc.      



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Dielectric Laboratories- Saturday, February 21, 2015

DLI makes capacitors for high frequency applications demanding near perfect, almost lossless devices. Their components use specially developed, proprietary materials tuned to provide optimized high Q, low ESR responses. 

They are the world’s largest supplier of single-layer capacitors, typically used in hybrid and high-frequency modules, offering the broadest range of material and device options.  Our multilayer capacitors include traditional “porcelain” products, as well as highly temperature-stable and extremely low ESR chips and a family of broadband blocks.

San-Tron S292 Series. The 40 GHz Coaxial Solution.- Tuesday, February 17, 2015

S292 Series.
The 40 GHz Coaxial Solution.
San-tron's S292 series is a an exclusive offering for RF/microwave, military and aerospace engineers designing in the
40 GHz or K-band range. These high- performance coaxial connectors are designed to the 2.92 mm standard and offer a compatible mating style to Anritsu K Connectors, SMA, WSMA, and 3.50 mm connectors.


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