Barker Microfarads (BMI) - Mil Spec Capacitors- Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Barker Microfarad is QPL to manufacturer the following Mil-Spec Capacitors

  • M39018/01 -55 to +125°C Miniature Axial; Styles CU12, CU13, & CUR13
  • M39018/02 -55 to +125°C Non-Polar, Miniature Axial; Styles CU14 & CU15
  • M39018/03 -55 to +105°C Tubular Axial Lead; Styles CU16, CU17, & CUR17
  • M39018/07 -55 to +105°C 4-Terminal Tubular Axial Lead; Style CUR19
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Arlington's new, non-metallic enclosure boxes- Friday, May 16, 2014

Arlington's new, non-metallic enclosure boxes are the perfect solution to protecting and securing power backups, security devices and other valuable equipment – in a debris-free environment. Made of heavy-duty, UV rated, non-metallic material, they’re available in three convenient sizes:

  • 7" x 8" x 3.5"
  • 11" x 11" x 3.5"
  • 12" x 12" x 4"

For added security Arlington’s enclosure boxes are ‘lockable’ in a couple of ways. There’s a knockout on the front of the box for an optional cam lock. And a latch that accommodates a padlock.

Arlington's new, non-metallic enclosure box


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Arizona Capacitor Product Capabilities- Friday, May 16, 2014






Metalized Polyester

Metalized Polycarbonate

Combined Dielectrics




Metalized Polypropylene

Kraft Paper



Wrap & Fill

Ceramic Tubular

Rectangular Hermetic

Epoxy Dipped


Welded Case

Preformed Case


PVC Tublar


Tubular Hermetic

Glass Tubular



Impulse Generators

DC Filtering

R-C Networks

Ferro Resonant

Voltage Multiplier

Matched Sets


Spike Suppression

Pulse Discharge

H.I.D. Lighting

Power Supplies


Capacitance ranges from 50 pf to 5000 μF are available. Standard tolerance is ±10%, however, tolerances to ±.25% are available..


Voltage Ranges from 30 to 250 KVDC. AC voltages up to 50 KV and100 KHz are available.

Arizona Capacitor Cage Code 0TCV9

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National Small Business Week- Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This week, May 12, 2014 – May 16, 2014, marks National Small Business Week. As the backbone of our Nation’s economy, small businesses are responsible for creating nearly two out of three jobs in The United States.

R&J Components Corp. is proud to operate as one of our Nations Certified Small Businesses. Since 1948, we have committed ourselves to providing the highest level of customer service. At R&J Components Corp., we embrace our customer’s needs and understand the importance of delivering on time. That is why our unique engineering approach to sales allows us the opportunity to save our customers time and money.

R&J Components Corp. encourages supporting small business and would like to thank and acknowledge all those who are committed to doing so. 

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Amphenol Connex - Low Pim Adapter- Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Amphenol Connex range of Low PIM adapters is ideal for wireless applications requiring consistent electrical performance, low return loss and low IMD.  These coaxial adapters feature precision machined brass bodies and contacts.  Bodies are plated with a tri-alloy plating known as white bronze or Nexcot and offers the same Low PIM performance as silver without fear of tarnishing.  Contacts are either white bronze or silver plated.

Amphenol Connex - Low Pim Adapters

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American Capacitor Corp Cross Reference- Monday, May 12, 2014

American Capacitor Cross Reference

American Capacitor Cross Reference

American Capacitor Cross Reference

American Capacitor Corp Ordering Code- Monday, May 12, 2014

American Capacitor Part Number Description

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Extech - MN35/MN36- Saturday, May 10, 2014

MN35/MN36 Digital Mini MultiMeters

Autoranging or Manual ranging multimeters with Temperature function

  • Large easy to read digital display
  • Type K Temperature measurements and Continuity and Diode tests
  • 1 year warranty
  • Includes holster with stand, Type K bead wire probe, battery, and test leads
  • MN35 (Manual Ranging/ 8 Functions)
  • 1.5V and 9V Battery test
  • MN36 (Autoranging/ 10 Functions)
  • AC Current, Capacitance and Frequency measurements

Extech MN35/MN36

Extech MN35/MN36 Spec

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Acme Electric Transformers- Saturday, May 10, 2014

Acme's product offering covers the full spectrum of applications, from commercial general power distribution and high harmonic conditions to specific industrial motor drive/factory automation systems, to low voltage landscape lighting applications. All Acme products are designed, constructed and rated in to meet or exceed the standards established by UL, CSA CE, NEMA, ANSI and IEEE.


  • Alternative Energy
  • Aerospace and Military
  • Industrial Controls
  • Medical Equipment
  • Off-Road/Commercial Vehicles and Equipment
  • Power Quality
Gardner Bender - New Repair Tape- Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Essential Silicone Protect & Repair Tape
Repair Tape, another innovation from Gardner Bender, can save the day during emergency repairs. Easier than heat-shrink, cleaner than plumbers’ putty, and more flexible than a vice grip, Repair Tape is a household necessity. Add it to the tool box, the workshop shelf, and the “junk-drawer” for emergency repairs and maintenance projects. Stretch, wrap, and protect or repair everything from leaky hoses, pipe insulation, electrical connections, tool handles, air ducts, and cord/rope ends.

Repair & Protect:
• On the Job
• Around the house
• In the Garage
• In the Workshop
• On a Camping Trip
• At the Gym
• In the Yard
• On the Boat
• In the Car




• Save Time: Use Repair Tape to hold irregular shapes instead of clamps or vice-grips. The non-adhesive formula leaves no sticky residue.
• Reduce Stress: A quick fix during emergency repairs, Repair Tape is waterproof, weatherproof, and air tight.
• Save Money: Insulate and protect around the house and minimize the need for emergency repairs.
• Reduce Hassle: Waterproof and insulate wire connections with no extra equipment or heat required.


• Non-Stick – Repair Tape fuses only to itself when applied under tension. No sticky residue remains on wrapped surfaces.
• Flexible - Operates and remains flexible from -60°F (-51°C) to 500°F (260°C).
• Strong – Stretches up to 300% its original length with 60 ppi tear strength.
• Durable – A permanent air & water tight seal, Repair Tape has excellent UV Resistance.
• Secure – Repair Tape begins to bond immediately on contact with itself. Repositioning is not recommended after 2 minutes of contact, and the bond is permanent within 24 hours.

 Gardner Bender Repair Tape

 Gardner Bender Repair Tape Specs

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