New Voltage Rating Results for the HelaGuard HG-SW Non-Metallic Conduit- Tuesday, September 22, 2015

HellermannTyton's HelaGuard Standard Weight nylon corrugated Conduit (HG-SW) received a 600V rating performance, a certification few corrugated conduit suppliers can make. For information on the complete line of HelaGuard protection systems, visit:

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HellermannTyton adds Metal Solar Placards to Lineup- Thursday, July 30, 2015

HellermannTyton has added the first product of its kind to their innovative line of identification solutions - 

Metal Solar Placards. Metal solar placards offer maximum durability and ease in code compliance and they are offered in pre-printed and variable data placards for displaying installation-specific information like voltage ratings. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Tested and rated to last up to 25 years in outdoor use

  • Designed for easy and efficient PV identification

  • Meets or exceeds PV labeling codes and standards

  • Conveniently offered in packs of 5, with retail header cards

  • Optional Paint Shields protect placards from accidental paint-over and graffiti

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Hellermann Tyton Cable Ties - Tuesday, May 27, 2014

HellermannTyton is a leading global manufacturer of cable management products who offer a range of products to secure, route, protect, connect and identify wire and cable  

Cable Ties

Standard Cable Ties

  • These all-purpose cable ties are designed to bundle and secure wires, cables, hoses and more. These standard cable ties are available in 18 to 50 pound tensile strengths, in a variety of lengths and colors.
  • They are also available in special materials including polymer and stainless steel, for harsh environments. 
  • Heavy duty and wide strap to handle larger bundles.
  • Releasable ties for easy removal
  • Identification cable ties have an integrated labeling area
  • Cable ties for use with Hellerman Tyton automatic fastening tools
  • Cable ties with particular features for specialized functions
  • Self Affixing ties are offered in stud mount, screw mount, and edge clip mount styles
  • To minimize abrasion use bundle separators and spacers
  • Cable mounts are used for routing and securing cables
  • These products are used in datacom, automotive, aerospace, electrical and renewable energy markets.    

Please call us with your requirements in Panduit and we can cross them for you.  

Whatever your applications to bundle, secure, route, label, and connect cable, wire and hoses Hellerman Tyton and R&J Components are the answer.

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Hellermann Tyton Evo7 - TLC Technology- Wednesday, April 30, 2014

At the heart of the EVO 7 lies revolutionary, patent-pending Tension/Lock/Cut (TLC) technology that dramatically changes how cable ties are cut. The key is TLC’s ability to lock each tie in place at the desired tension prior to cutting. Because the tension is fixed at the trigger when squeezing begins, only a minimum of hand force and a shorter range of motion is required to cut through each tie. What’s more, there’s no jarring impact after the cut. Also, because each tie is cut at a consistent level of tension with less movement, there’s less wear on internal components, resulting in longer tool life.

With TLC Technology

  • No jarring impact
  • Clean, flush cut
  • Minimal hand force needed
  • No overstressing of cable tie


Want to select a specifi c level of tie tension for bundling? Simply rotate the tension knob to any of the easy-to-read, pre-set ension settings. Standard cable tie installation tools stretch the tie while cutting, causing the tie end to retract into the head, or leave a protruded edge. But with EVO 7, the tie is cut at precisely the tension you select for a clean, fl ush cut at the tie head – without overstressing the tie.


With TLC Technology, the patent-pending locking mechanism detects when the desired tension is met, and locks the tie in place prior to cutting. At that moment, all force applied to the trigger is directed to cutting the tie. That means the trigger only needs to be pulled far enough to cut the tie, reducing the range of motion and subsequent strain on the hand and arm.


Once the tie is locked in place, the tool operator needs only to advance the trigger enough to cut the tie. Since there is no dynamic tension (stretching) on the cable tie, all energy is focused on driving the blade through the tie, resulting in a clear, fl ush cut, time after time –  all with no jarring motion to the hand or arm.

Hellermann Tyton EVO7